Day Sixteen Monster University: Bleu

Monster University
Katherine Rochholz
All Rights Reserved

            “I am not much of an enforcer anymore. I used to be forever ago. Sometimes I leave my uncle and go and work for the mob/mafia, whoever is in charge of the underground. It has become so ‘commercial!’ Well, at least right now I am on the in, right now the leader of the Monster Mafia is Bo in away. We all listen to his guidance.  Hey as long as I don’t have to go to school and can work with my hands I am good.  Even though when I look in the mirror I look like a thing, a goblin type thing. I hate it. But I kept my abilities and strength from life and I can use a charm to make me look like I once did. So that is something. And this time I am working on cars all the time. I love cars. I have since Henry Ford built the first one! Now if humans could all be smart about things maybe they wouldn’t have to be disposed of so very often.”
            Bo sighed as Bleu came into his office. “Can’t you go bother your uncle?”
            “Nah, he is off for the weekend. Monster business. You need anything done? I got all the cars done and Drake’s latest clean up done.” Bleu looked into the mirror. “Wish I could make this permanent instead of being this thing that I am.”
            Bo sighed. “We are monsters Bleu get over it. Now why don’t you go help out someplace else? I mean we should be fine for the week, we have Gus and Ewan. We can fix anything we need for the week. Go relax. When was the last time you took some time for yourself?”
            “Don’t know. Don’t really care. I need to work with my hands you know this Bo.”
            “So go do something with your hands! Go do that rebuild or something. God, I can’t fix everything Bleu!”
            “Sheesh! I just came to see if you needed some help. Geeze! I am going! I am going! But if you have to clean something up it is your fault!” Bleu stated with a laugh as he slammed the door and took off. 
            Bo shook his head. Sometimes he felt like the father of all the monsters.
            Bleu was wondering about town. There had to be something to do. But what? Suddenly he saw an hold ’67 Impala body. Ooo! Bleu smiled and moved on towards that house. He watched as the husband and wife were fighting about the ten thousand dollars the wife spent on the body and not knowing how to fix it up. Not bad. Bleu looked it over. It had most of the original parts, yeah it needed about twenty thousand in work but thirty thousand for a nice Bleuty like this? No bad at all. And it seems the husband didn’t know the gem he had in that woman. Bleu got a sinister smile on his face. Well he would have to just plant some thoughts in that pretty head of hers. He whistled as he waited for her to storm out and leave. She seemed the type. And he wasn’t disappointed as she walked off towards Jo’s Pool Hall.
            Ella was furious. How could her husband not see what a buy that was? Well, it was a lot more than she thought it should be but it came with a lot of original parts that just need to be fixed. He spent over one hundred thousand on that stupid new car of his! This was a bloody classic! “Tequila!” She ordered as she sat down.
            “Make that two.” Bleu sat down. “Why is a darling like you upset?” Bleu smiled as he waved to Jo to leave the bottle.
            Jo rolled her eyes. “Anything else?”
            “Nah. Later.” Bleu stated. “Well, darling?”
            “My husband! He is all upset because I spent money on a car body! It was a 1967 Impala! It was only ten thousand and only about fifteen thousand to repair! That is a steal! But no that is wrong! Can’t spend my own money on anything that doesn’t fit his cookie cutter suburban life! I don’t even know why I married him!”
            “Suburban wife doesn’t seem your type of scene.” Bleu poured her another shot. “I mean I see those tattoos on your back.”
            Ella laughed. “I for sure ain’t America’s sweetheart. I am too loud, too mouthy, too wild, but I thought I loved the bastard.” She downed the next shot. “To bad he couldn’t just… disappear.”
            Bleu smirked and poured her another shot.  “Well, darling, you know sometimes that could be arranged.”
            They drank between them about two bottles of tequila and the night was coming to an end. “You know I can make it so he disappears.” Bleu told her as he walked her home.
            Ella looked up at him. “How?”
            “I wasn’t always the good mechanic that I am now. Everybody has a past Ella.”
            “What is your past?”
            “Me? I used to be an enforcer a long time ago. Until they killed my uncle and I.”
            “Killed?” Ella was drunk but keeping up. “Huh?”
            “Well, you see I and my Uncle Tony were the cleaner and enforcer for a mob. Well, we have done that for years, but the point is that we caught someone cheating the boss and selling him out to the enemy. We were killed for it. We got our own pair of cement shoes; just like the ones we used to put on people. Anyways you see darling, our need for revenge, our need for payback made us creatures. We are immortal; and creatures of the waters.”
            “Show me.” Ella demanded. “Show me now.”
            Bleu shrugged, if she caused issues he would just kill her too. Even if he sorta liked her. He dropped his charms and morphed into his little water creature goblin body. “There ya go.”
            “Dude, you remind me of a goblin… or that creature from the book Lord of the Rings! So cool!” Ella stated.
            Bleu blinked.  “Okay. Well anyways as I said I can make your husband disappear.”
            Ella smirked. “Well, that would be quite beneficial. Especially after you figure out how to grant me this immortality. Let me know when it is done. Don’t tell me before because you know cops and shit and I have to act like the grieving widow that I am.” She kissed Bleu’s cheek and bounced into her house.
            Bleu stood there for a bit of time but then smiled and made his way back to the shop. He had a ‘mess’ to clean up. And he wondered about how to grant her immortality.  He would have to talk to Bo in the morning.
            “YOU WHAT?” Bo yelled the next morning.
            “I want Ella Thompson to be granted monsterhood. I know that James has a way without making them slaves. Or the Frankensteins. Come on! Even Kristoff knows a way. I am going to kill her husband and it is about time that my family has a matriarchal figure again. You know women rule the home. Without it you know that I am just bouncing along in life. And not to mention most of the family that we have spread out across the world. Come on!”
            Bo sighed. “Fine! Fine! When you take the husband I will have someone take the wife and grant her monsterhood, as you so call it! But you better keep her in line! Got it Bleu?”
            “Got it boss man! I will be taking him tomorrow night! Killing him and then I can ‘rescue’ her! Have them set it up and let me know!” Bleu left without waiting for an answer.
            Ella woke with a scream on her lips but quickly clamped her mouth shut when she saw Bleu put a finger to his lips.
            Bleu bent down, he had already plunged her husband full of paralytics. “Just do as they say and you will gain your immortality.” He whispered as he started to drag her husband from the room.
            Ella looked up at the woman in front of her. “Who are you?”
            “I am Beth. Frankenstein.”
            “Like the Bride of Frankenstein?!”
            Beth laughed. “Of course darling. Now we are going to meet my son and granddaughter and we will help you gain immorality. We are meeting a warlock.  Come along Ella.”
            Ella stood up and put on a robe to find herself slammed against the wall.  “What?”
            “And you hurt Bleu, you will regret it. Got it little girl?” Beth demanded.
            Ella nodded.  “Yes ma’am.”
            Beth looked into her eyes and nodded. “Come on we don’t have long before Bleu is going to stage a ‘rescue.’” She swept out expecting Ella to follow.
            Bleu shot Ella a smile when they walked into the cemetery.  He had the husband laid out of an alter; Kristoff was talking to Frank about daughters and the joy and heartache. “Hey Ella! Beth!”
            Beth nodded and went and took her granddaughter from Frank. “Bleu. I hope you  know what you are doing?”
            “I am doing what feels right in this blackened soul of mine.” He laughed as he took the spade and drove it into the husband’s chest. “After all we can only do what our soul tells is right.”
            Ella blinked and watched as the warlock and Bleu took organs from her husband. Well, former husband, and put them through a cleaning and ritual before making her drink them down. Once she took the last gulp she collapsed on the ground and let blackness overtake her.
            Bleu smiled and with Ewan’s help staged the rescue. He had been driving by when this homeless man was killing this husband and wife. He hadn’t been able to save the husband before the homeless man had killed, and apparently ate, him. But he was able to save the wife.
            Ella woke with a groan as the white of the hospital came into view and the purple black hair of Beth was at her side. “What…”
            “Everything went perfectly! You just have to eat some organs ever so often. Nothing Bleu won’t help you with!”
            Ella was going to respond when she saw Bleu come in with flowers “Bleu!” She smiled.
            “Ella. I have come to take you home.”
            “Home sounds great.” Ella smiled.

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