Day Fifteen Monster University: Tony

Monster University
Katherine Rochholz
All Rights Reserved

            “For as long as the world has rotated, there has been mob/mafia type groups and with them the cleaners. I was that in life, and now I am in death. My own boss betrayed in and my nephew in the end and had us swimming with the fishes. We morphed and became these creatures that live in the water.  A cleaner and enforcer in life, as we shall be in death. I laugh at that. It works though, we can deal with and hid anything. Of course we are a repair shop to the humans. How I and Bo got into the leadership of this thing I don’t know. I ain’t no leader. I am a cleaner born and breed. And a cleaner is what I will go to judgment as; even if it sends me to hell when this world ends.”
            Tony sighed as he took two new bodies to where Ewan wanted the other officers to find them. He didn’t mind cleaning up, he really didn’t but sometimes he just wanted a break. He was after all a creature of the water and sometimes it would be nice to just stay in the water and admire his handy work or to just relax. But he was always on call. Especially in the fall months. Sometimes he hated the fall months. Really hated them. Most monsters did take a break around the last two weeks of the year but with the parties he never just had time for himself. And that is what frustrated him. He was a monster to damn it and he had needs. Needs for life and blood and souls and screams and fear! And he needed them! Well, he didn’t ‘need’ them like some monsters did, but he missed being a part of a huge mob hit and then cleaning it up. It was just something about it that got one’s blood, or sludge, flowing in their veins. He needed a vacation.
            Bleu looked up when his uncle came in. “Hey! You Drake called again…”
            Tony blew then. “You deal with it! I am out of here! I am taking a small vacation! If you need me don’t look for me! Got it?” He yelled as he grabbed a suitcase from his office. He always kept one packed in case he needed to leave town quickly. Old habits die hard. He chuckled at that. He had a warped sense of humor.
            Bleu blinked. “Whatever Unc, I will see ya when you get back.” Bleu grabbed the keys to the truck and was out the door. He had seen his uncle blow up once before and he did not want to see that again anytime soon!
            Tony didn’t dilly dally. He was out the door and into his pick up and half way to the lake before the closed sign came to a stop on the door of the shop. He smiled as he grabbed a cold beer out of the cooler. Yes, yes, not cool the drinking and driving but one beer wasn’t going to do any harm. After all once he was at the lake he wasn’t going to move. He was going to terrorize some teenagers. Maybe go all eighties B rated horror movie on them. He laughed at that as he finished the beer in a few gulps.  He loved those old fashioned horror movies.  And now was the time for some fun and relaxing.
            Tony got to the lake and smiled as he threw down his fishing gear and his cooler. He would chill for a while like any normal human male getting away; but as soon as the students came he would have his real fun. Drownings, slicings, stabbings, oh the fun he would have. Until then he had his beer and he had his fishing pole.
            It was around ten that evening when the cars drove up. Tony sat up straight. He had been dozing off in the shallow water of the lake. He smirked. How he would love the smell and taste of the fear of those kids as they realized they had just signed their deaths by coming out to the lake this weekend. He whistled as he packed everything up and then dived into the water.
            “Come on Jenny! Let’s go for a midnight swim!” Jim yelled as he stripped and jumped into the water.  “The water is warm and perfect for tonight! Come one Jenny!”
            Jenny looked at her boyfriend. “I don’t know. It is getting late.”
            “Jenny! We have the whole weekend! Come on. It is just us and Jack and Charlie. Come on pretty baby and take a midnight swim with me.” Jim smirked.
            Jenny rolled her eyes but soon started to strip as she swayed her hips as she walked into the water. “Well come and catch me lover boy.” She smirked as she dived. She after all was at school on a swimming scholarship.
            Tony smirked as the female got close to where he was hiding. In his real form he blended in so well with the lake bed. When she swam over him he moved as quick as a snake and grabbed her ankles pulling her down.  He smiled with his razor sharp teeth when she got eye level to him. He felt her fear. Smelt it. Tasted it.  He smirked as he held her close and then used his teeth to rip out her throat. He slurped up the blood and let the body float to the top.  He could hear the screaming of her boyfriend and her two other friends up top.  He moved from the spot and watched.
            Jim screamed as he rushed over to Jenny. He grabbed her body and almost threw up at the gaping hole in her neck and the vacant dead eyes that were clouding over. He screamed and pulled her to the shore.  “CALL THE COPS!”
            Jack was trying the phones. “Dude! I can’t get a signal!”
            Tony smirked as he came up behind Jack and grabbed his hands and twisted breaking his neck and ripping his head off.  He laughed as Charlie and Jim screamed and ran towards the cabin. The cabin that he owned.  He smirked as he dropped the head and stepped on the body as he made his way to the cabin. “Come on out and play!” He yelled.
            Charlie and Jim huddled together as the monster kept coming closer to the house. They knew they were going to die. They knew they were never going to see the light of dawn again. They both sobbed as the house shook and the door was broken in front of them.  “Please!” They yelled.
            Tony smirked and grabbed Charlie and threw her to the side. He then took his fishing knife and stabbed Jim a dozen times letting him down in his blood. Tony smirked as he walked over to Charlie. “Your fear smells so good.” He stated.
            “Please… Please… Please…”
            Tony looked at her. “Well I can make it quick.” He picked her up and then rammed his fist into her chest and ripped out her heart.  Tony dropped both the body and the heart. He yawned and plucked a beer out of the fridge. Man, killing kids were hard work. He sat down in front of the television and put on the baseball game. He fell asleep content he could clean it all up tomorrow and nobody would ever find the bodies of the now missing teenagers.

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