Mistress Of The Night

Random WIP:
Mistress Of The Night
All Rights Reserved

Sometimes I feel like I am screaming, with not a sound being heard from my throat. My family doesn’t understand my desire to live in the mortal world. I don’t blame them after all, any mortal I get attached to will die… But my love for him keeps me planted in the realm of the mortals. So who am I? One destined to watch her mortal love die? Or am I cold-hearted goddess of the night? Should I be like my mother, the reason our race is damned to never know the small pleasures in life the way the mortals do? Or should I turn my back on my birth, ask for the other gods to grant me mortality? There are only two choices… Leave him behind for my family and this immortal life… or fall to my knees and beg for mortality, turning my back on my family? Well, here is the story how I ended up in front of my family, the Gods and Goddesses of the Night, requesting a third option. One that has never been granted… one that may not be a feasible option… one that may cause my true death…

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