Life’s Blood

Random WIP:
Life’s Blood
All Rights Reserved

The key to my immortal soul laid beneath his beating heart. I laid my handd against his sleeping chest. I was tempted to rip out his beating out…to drain him of his sweet, sweet blood… but the very thought made my own un-beating heart break with pain. The soulless monster within me wanted to destroy this saving grace… this fallen angel that was to save her soul.

I had hunted the humans without a care for years… then I met him… the one that was to save my soul and the humanity within me. It is said I will give my life to save the world, that this fallen angel, that laid beneath me, would help me to achieve my life mission… to save this cursed world.

I doubted it, but I sure did love him. Bernard was changing me, I didn’t like it, I didn’t want to care. I lost my soul because of him; now all to woman in me wanted to do was love him… as the monster inside me wanted to drain him…


He took his razor sharp fingernail; he started at my cheek; he cut into my delicate undead skin, like a hot knife through butter. The pain was intense, the pleasure more so, as my black undead blood dripped to the floor and filled the room with the sweet scent of death…

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