The Huntress

Random WIP Excerpt: The Huntress

All Rights Reserved

Contrary to many beliefs I am not a stupid person. In fact I have a very high IQ and can figure out almost any issue or problem. Then why do people believe me to be uneducated and stupid? I never graduated college. Just didn’t have the money or the attention span. But I work, make good money to. In fact I am your typical middle class, maybe lower middle class, working woman. What makes me different than most though is one simple fact. That fact? I am a serial killer. Yep. Dead bodies all over. What shocked? You thought you were going to read the journal of a nice Catholic girl? Well you are, but I happen to have a dark side one that hunts down the scum of our society and kills them. It wasn’t something that I sought out. But then again some are born to greatness, others achieve it and others like myself never wanted it but had it thrust upon us. How am I any different than the ones I kill? Easy. I have a heavenly presence demanding I kill them. They are true monsters the ones I kill. Soulless Demons and I hunt them down and ill them. These are my stories. My name? Agnes Francis Black also known as The Huntress. So join me in reading my last words…

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