Torn Souls by Crystal Cattabriga Review

Torn SoulsTorn Souls by Crystal Cattabriga

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is a must read! It should be in high schools. This book is just wow! I don’t even know where to start! I love the characters, Alex and Julia are easy to love and their story is makes this a great YA Novel! I am not a big fan of YA never have been, thought I have started reading more and more of it lately. This book I would recommend to everybody! I am normally really hard on YA books because of the situations they show, but is is real stuff, and shows YA as it should be shown. Bullying is an issue that everybody faces, I myself have been a victim and it has made a lasting negitive effect on my life, and this book brings the topic to public view in away that allows people to understand it. If you have never been a victim of bullying you wouldn’t understand, and normally when bullying is the topic of the book those who were the bullies or those who have never been bullied don’t really get the picture and see it is a pure work of fiction. This book though a work of fiction allows you to get inside the head of those that are hurt by bullying and you see the effect it has on Julia. This is a fantastic book and a must read for anybody ages 12 to 112!

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