Grab My Hand!

A blog has set up Grab My Hand!  It is a stand against Bullying and I fully support it!  Sparring Stepsisters! is the website, just print out the one of the certificates sign you name put your hand to the photo and pledge!  If you can’t print it don’t worry!  Just take a photo of you and put the image of the certificate on it and electronically sign your name!!!  It doesn’t matter how you do it!  Just that you do it!  I DID!

 This is a way for authors (they have said Indie authors but you know what you traditional authors you should pledge too!), bloggers, and bookaholics to unite against bullying. Bullying is ALWAYS an issue.  I for one am pleased that people are finally standing up together, and telling people, ‘You know what?  Bullying is wrong!”  Think before you speak!!! You never know the lasting effects of your harmful words!!! The other day I shared my story on bullying!  You can read it here on the blog ( click here Bullying).  This campaign is sponsored by the ladies of Sparring Stepsisters (click their name to go to their site!), and is being done with the hope of letting anyone out there who’s being bullied know that they are not alone, I know that when I was being bullied, I felt so alone.  I thought nobody cared.  And back then few did, but I know better now.  That being said, I still live with the lasting effects of those words, those actions, taken by other people ( I say people because bullying just isn’t done by kids!) But I want people to know that people do care, they do understand what they are going though!  If anybody ever needs to just talk I am always around!  I don’t care if it morning noon or night!  Send me a message on facebook Katherine Rochholz (Just click my name!) It is time to speak up against bullying and make a stand against it!!!! Now thanks to the Sparring Stepsisters here are the images!!! Take the pledge!  I did and I hope you do as well!!!

If you need help with combining the images, contact me and I will photoshop them for you!  You can contact me at my facebook page! Author Katherine Rochholz Facebook


~Katherine Rochholz  Indie Author against Bullying

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