Katy Lily Character- Amanda Americana

Amanda Americana is the oldest professor at Bridgett’s School for the Magical Arts, at the age of 535.  She shows no sign of retiring .  Amanda Americana was born to her mother and father in the middle of Sioux Country, she is a member of what is now called the Sioux tribe of Native Americans.  Her parents were powerful as well, they had helped put up more protections around the school to prevent the magical war from affecting the children.  Both her parents were lost int he Magical War of 1491 when she was 14.  She lived at the school since that time.  She has never left, besides to study under her Masters.  She is an Earth Elemental.  Who studied Elements under Master Running Bear, Earth under Master Raining Mountain, and Spells under Master Flying Eagle.  She is very attached to Riley who is her best student.  She has informed him she would be honored to be his Master upon graduation.  She choose to teach Elements as the school is her life.  She has been heard saying “I will defend the virtues of the students of Bridgett’s until my dying breath.” 

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