Headmaster Oeric O’Cuinn

Oeric O’Cuinn was born on September 17th 1670, to Elizabeth Lua (Austen) Poe and to Byran Richard O’Cuinn. His father was a Guardian and Guard to the Elders. He was killed in the line of duty when Oeric was only five years old. His mother quickly remarried Rion Ryion Poe, he would have three half sisters, Lua Lisa Poe in 1907, Aaliyah Irene Poe in 1950 and Senka Elizabeth in 1979. Oeric O’ Cuinn is an Earth Elemental He graduated with honors from Bridgett’s School of Magical Arts 1681. He studied under Earth Master Desmond Panetitiere, Magical Defense Master Kendell Cook and Spells Master Dante Hayden. He quickly moved through his studies gaining life experience by traveling the world. He discovered a dark secret in his family soon after Senka was married. And he lost the love of his life due to what he saw was his weakness and inability to see what was in front of him. Due to that he distances himself from everybody who means the most to him. He become Headmaster of Bridgett’s School for the Magical Arts in January of 1998. He watches from afar those he loves, trying to protect them, but doing more damage hurting them. It turns out he is the Uncle of Katherine Lilian Fitz. He did not take her in due to his guilt over the loss of lives, due to the inability of seeing Darkness in those around him. To Be Continued…

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