Senka Elizabeth Poe

Senka Elizabeth Poe was born September 21st 1979.  To her parents Elizabeth Lua (Austen) Poe and Rion Ryion Poe.  From a young age she showed a great power.  She is an Earth Elemental.  In 1988 she started at Bridgette’s School for the Magical Arts where she first met Richard James Solomon and became obsessed with him.  She loved him.  She sought him out at every turn, and got her parents to help her arrange a special marriage between the families.  (Which though was common place within older magical families, had become a rarity at that time, but still occurred to secure the magical bloodlines.)  So thus on October 31st, 1995, with special permission she quit school and married Richard James Solomon (who was a professor at St. Bridgette’s school and had been born in 1921.)  It did not take long for them to start their family.  Their first child was Riley James Solomon born on June 17th, 1996.  They lived in the Solomon Mansion and waited until 2002 to have their second child.  Katherine Lillian Solomon was to never be… Richard had told Senka that he meant to destroy the child, as he had a vision it would be full of darkness.  Senka told him that their child was so powerful, that the surge in her own power was most profound.  She knew with Wesley Solomon being released from Dastardly, she would have to run to save her unborn daughter.  She stopped using her magic and adopted the last name Fitz.  She gave birth to her daughter Katherine Lillian Fitz on December 20th, 2002.  Do to the need of hiding from the Solomons they moved around a lot, and ended up living on the streets of New York City.  There was an explosion that the non-magical world stated was from a gas leak on July 15th, 2009.  Which took the life of Senka Elizabeth Poe-Solomon. 

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