Edgar Allen Hepburn

Edgar Allan Hepburn Jr, was born in 1630 on December 12, to parents Edgar Allan Hepburn Sr. and his wife Elizabeth Mari (Poe) Hepburn. He was born near modern day London. He is a Fire Elemental. When he was 9 he started The Elizabeth Magical Institute, graduating in 1449. He fought for the Queen’s Army from 1649-1659. He, then studied under Magical Defense Master Catherine Grey, Pyrokinesis Master Saraf Tyson, and Elements Master Amell Kano. He entered the European Guardian’s Guild as a Trainee in 1685. He took quickly to his job, and moved up with in the Guild. He became a Rookie Guardian in 1705. He then moved into the Professional Guardian role in 1715. He became an Expert Guardian in 1725. He finally achieved Veteran status in 1755. Becoming the go to guy within his department Unnatural Deaths (both creature and human) *note it is kinda like the homicide department in the non-magical world. In 1765 he traveled to the American Colonies and partnered with Running Bear, until the American Revolution. During this time he was torn between his homeland and his new home, he ended up siding with the American Rebels and fought for their freedom. In 1981 he was chasing a set of poachers killing unicorns for their horns and blood, and had rushed a baby unicorn to Creature Care, where he meet Jane Nancy Whiteson. He showed up everyday, after meeting her, and convinced her to go on a date with him. He eventually got down on one knee and begged her to marry him. They married on June 27th, 1983. On July 30th, 1996 their first son, Jerome Allan Hepburn was born. At that time he was also promoted to the Head Guardian for the North American Guardian’s Guild. On August 14th, 2002 their son Gaivan Joesph Hepburn was born. TO BE CONTINUED….

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