S.J. (Senegal Jalil)

Born Senegal Jalil in 1639 on June 15th.  He is a Water Elemental.  Little is known about S.J.’s past.  It is known that he Graduated from Cleopatra’s School for the Magically Gifted in June of 1669. Not much is known after that, there are rumors of a dark beginning, and the blood of many innocents spilled in a hidden war for freedom.  In 1750 he apprenticed under Hydrokinesis Master Naida Ren, Elements Master Raquel Lawless, and Martial Arts Master Bryan Pratt.  He had first applied to be a professor at Bridgette’s School for the Magical Arts in 1780, however there were no available openings at the time, so he went back to his homeland.  Again there is a cloud of darkness as civil wars broke out among his people, he fought for unity.  In 1900 he requested to join the African Guardian’s Guild program as a trainee.  In 2012, as Expert Guardian, he requested a transfer to the North American Guardian’s Guild.  At this time his partner is Edgar Hepburn a Veteran Guardian, until he learns all the additional laws for North American Witches and Warlocks.  To Be Continued…

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