I Am Wolf (The Children of Nox) Review

“You can’t fight who you really are, Jonah . . .you are wolf.”

When Jonah unknowingly creates an unnatural creature, he is thrust upon a path of unremitting shadows and unrelenting torment from the creature he becomes connected to. In stark contrast, seven teens, the youngling pack from the tribe of Tibolt, join forces with Jonah, their newest member. Together, they must stop the “unnatural,” who brings horror wherever he travels. As the murderous creature makes his way east to Tennessee, it becomes a race against time to save a small child of destiny known as the Dream Maker. Will Jonah reach her before the creature is able to turn her for his evil purposes?

I am surprised on how detailed this book is with the lore, but I found it highly enjoyable, though a bit much at times. I love details, and can tend to blog down my own writing with details (thank God for editing) so I didn’t mind it so much. I read this really fast, (just a couple of hours) and can’t wait to read more. This book takes you on a ride that will take your breath and leave you gasping for more. And Ralph may be creepy, but is easily one of my favorite characters (I always seem to like the characters that are considered darker or the villain, their development and storyline seem to always fascinate me the most). And the dreams… well you should read it for your self. I love the scene setting and the character development, it made this reader feel like she was there, and she really knew these characters. There was an emotional layering that really connected you to the characters. And that connection is what will draw this reader back to the 2nd book! So the reason for 4 stars and not five? Because though I love details, there was just a bit to much of the lore and at times I found myself skimming over it.

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