Leonardo De Abgal

Leonardo De Abgal was born off the coast of France on June 17th, 1573.  He was born to Inferno De Abgal and his wife Azra De Abgal, the prince and princess of Alaetic, a mer-people kingdom.  From a young age Leonard knew he was meant to be an artist and as he got older, he wanted to teach the world to love an appropriate art.  He painted and taught under many different names in the course of his life, in both magical and non-magical worlds.  He decided to move to American in 1901, and he headmaster of Bridgette’s School for the Magical Arts, Hale Iohn, offered him a place to live and to teach.  He has been there ever since teaching the young witches and warlocks of the magical world.  He was once quoted in saying “Children are art in their own rights, to teach them to create other art, is the highest form of creation a being can do in this existence we call life.”  He became King Leonardo De Abgal upon his uncle’s King Glen De Abgal’s death in 1981.  He goes back to his kingdom every break, and in currently engaged to a mermaid from the kingdom of Paletic, named Tawyna Kendall.  A Royal Wedding is planned on June 21st, 2015.

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