Sorry I haven’t update either blog for Katy Lily, but Katy Lily is on a break while I finish book 1 for my new series A Guardian’s Life (check out the tie-in  The first book will be out this fall, Katy Lily 3 will come out the winter of 2012/2013 and then Blood and Water (check out my main personal blog spring/summer of 2013  Update to projects list:

This is a tentative list of what I will be working on in 2012 All Rights Reserved Copyright 2012 (IN NO ORDER)
Book 2 of Katy Lily A Nightmare Within A Dream (Summer 2012 Buy the ebook now!! or or paper back out in July)
Love Hate & The World Goes Round (Digital available in a couple of weeks and paperback to follow one final edit is needed)
Blood Or Water (A major project with my brother Marshall Rochholz) check out for a paggage
A Guardian’s Life/ The Hunter Chronicles (Working on Series) Book 1 is A Guardian’s Life The Seven Deadlies with a short prequel (part one of the prequel) included check it out
The Chronicles of Battle (Will have at least 2 more short stories done)  Will publish a short ebook of the stories Summer/Fall 2012
Katy Lily Book 3 The Veil Lifts (Winter 2012/2013)
First six of my Fairy Tales for Mirror, Mirror Fairy Tales of Horror (Ebook Fall 2012)
Try to make some headway on The Ripper Reincarnated and The 3 Huntsmen Idea (Might not happen will not cry if it doesn’t I can wait for 2013)
For NaNoWriMo, I have a title for the story, it is called An Unholy Creation, can’t wait to start that, but November can take it’s time getting her since I have so much more work to do!

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