Blood And Water

This is the title of one of my books I am working on, it will be published in the spring 2013 as I want to finish Katy Lily book 3 and Book 1 of A Guardian’s Life this book is in a style of writing I haven’t really tried before, but intrigues me… I normally right supernatural, paranormal, sci-fi stuff, but this is going to be a great project here is a blurb from my writings: (remember guys all rights reserved copyright Katherine Rochholz)

“We are held up in what was once the local bookstore.  It has since been abandoned with the constant bombings from the Green Coats.  They never seem to stop- the bombings- we can barely sleep fearing that this might be our last night.  But we all know we are in the right.  WE KNOW WE ARE RIGHT.  We gathered a few books and burned them to keep a fire going, we had to keep warm in this Iowa winter, and too cook the deer we were able to find.  We also know that the Green Coats are doing the same not far from us.  The battle will rage on tonight and into tomorrow and into the next day.  Until we win.  But for now it is quiet.  In the quiet we prepared for the next part of this battle.  I for one was ready to end this battle, and soon this war.  General Hills- the leader of the Green Coats- finally appeared and to win I needed to take him out.  He killed my friend, and he was going to get a bullet from my gun to his head.  I wanted to look into his eyes, as they turned white with death.”

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