There are a lot of weird dreams I have had this year, a few nights ago I dreamt I lost my sister, I was siting going though a bin of clothes of hers crying saying she always wore clothes to small for her, the lost was so pronounced that I jerked away and had to check to see if she was okay, I can’t lose someone else I just lost my dad, I can’t lose her or anybody else in my family now, I don’t know if my heart and mind can take another hit for a long long time. Then last night I had a dream were in a mall in Iowa City I left to get mom something to eat from our store? but the closed the place in the dream I remembered a dream were me and Kim went to a bar and had a steak and a beer, then I was walking with my cousin in the closed place the closed mall telling him I bought the mall for mom so we could make a go, then I said I had to go then I met this kind outside it was in Iowa City across from the Pentacrest, but he was a small kid I picked him up and asked him if he wanted an arcade in the mall, I asked him why he was so sad and he said nobody wanted him, I asked him if it was because he was autistic I told him I would adopt him, that I cared and wanted him, then he said he was with his mom then I was in front of all these old machines where you put quarters in you now all those old Flinstone ones with the car and Fred in it and we are putting quarters and nickels and getting silly little prizes then we get a t shirt it says something but I don’t know then the next thing I know the child his gone this pretty child who I could tell I loved, is gone and I am going though a container in the house it has a lot of football bears blankets and t shirts, and then I wake up.

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