Almost Christmas

I don’t really care but I try to keep things normal for my siblings… which is me usally stressed about what to by them, I have all but Mickey done now, he is always the hardest to buy for I was going to buy him some boots but they were discontinued so now I have to thing of something else before Friday. It is a hard month for my family dad would have been 51 on Dec 4Th, my mom’s mom died 30 years ago on the 6Th, my dad’s parents died 35 years ago on the 24Th, Mitchell would have been 19 on the 19Th, I wish December would have just stayed away. I think December is the worse month of the year, lets see Jan my cousin Aaron his birthday is the 3rd that is it. February my maternal grandfather passed away on the 13Th in 1999, March my brother Marshall’s birthday is the 15th my mom’s on the 23rd and my brother Matt’s on the 31st, April my parents anniversary on the 25th, May nothing June nothing ( I like those months) July my brother Mason’s birtday on the 29th, Aug my dad passed away on the 15th 2009, September my birthday on the 14th my sister Kim’s birthday on the 8th my brother Mickey’s birthday on the 12th and Martin’s (my brother) his brithday would be the 17th, October Marcus’s (my brother) birthday would be on the 24th, Nov my aunt Pam’s birthday on the 2nd my cousin Darby’s on the 12th and my uncle Mark’s birthday on the 22nd, and Dec well I gave that list above, so you see if may didn’t have memorial day it would be a nice month, but June is my favorite, nothing to worry about nothing bad happened, and it is still not too hot outside!

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