Last night Kim, Mom and I were talking about guys… go figure me and my sister talking about guys but, mom asked if we met anybody chase worthy… both of us answered no… I don’t know if my sister was telling the truth but me I haven’t found anybody, I will know him when I met him but first I have to met him… I want a man with blue eyes, dark hair, kind, loyal, wouldn’t hurt if he was in the military, respectful, sweet, manly, smart, doesn’t smoke, or drink to much… anyways I had a messed up dream, Mick picked me up in his truck and the door wouldn’t close then we were driving up the bridge across downtown and then we ran into people!!!! they were sitting out partying so we got out found mom under the bridge (it was kind of rainy) and I went up the were offering green beer and lager, but I didn’t take any, there was these food contests, I was in the kitchen somehow and there was a guy who was going to do something with his baby (have her be his sous chef) but she couldn’t do it and brought her in the kitchen and he changed his shirt, there was chocolate with strawberries, and other fruit, I some of that then some m&ms that I dipped in chocolate then ate, then a man came up and started talking to me then I woke up… freaky….oh and somewhere in the middle of this I was searching for something and climbing on poles in front of people climbing on these not very study sets, and doing a tight rope type walk on a pole with only another pole to hang on to… there was a very far fall, but then I got to a certian point I guess I found what I was looking for I jumped down then went back to mom and then went to the crowd ending up in front of the contestents then ending up in the kitchen then eatting the chocolate covered treats, but the guy who came up and talked to me I think was one of the contestents… hmmm….. thinking….. what does it all mean….

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