Camp Lejeune

The military has poisoned the marines that were stationed in Camp Lejeune… and they won’t help them, there are 20 men from Camp Lejeune that have breast cancer some without health insurance and the government that these men fought for, won’t help them at all!!!! The government has to own up to its mistakes!!!!! The water was contaminated they knew about it in the 60’s but it was 85 before they stopped using the water!!!!!! And these men as well as everyman that lived there has to pay the price, from research done on this not only the men that developed breast cancer was effected but it shortened the lives of other marines it is effecting their children and grandchildren, it is effecting the nation, most marines go though Camp Lejeune!!!! Call your congressman and sentor and tell them the government has to own up to their mistakes and take care of the men that served at Camp Lejeune and all the men and women who serve this country of our!!!!!

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