The Demon Within Scene repost

All Rights Reserved
CW: Death, language, tiny bit of gore, cannibalism mentioned.

Jay looked down at the body. “Is that a fucking candy cane sticking out of his eye?”
The ME looked up at Jay. “Yes, yes it is. This is messed up, a candy cane as a weapon.”
“Look, I always joked about my candy canes being used as a stabbing tool, but this is ridiculous, where did this guy even get candy canes in July?”
“Stores are having Christmas in July specials. All sorts of Christmas drinks, candies, treats, etc. Virtually untraceable right now.”
“Fuck.” Jay cursed and turned away for a moment. “Can’t we catch a damn break with this guy. He is all over the place. Fire, stabbings, torture, gunshot, and now a damn candy cane used to pluck out one eye and stabbed another in another eye.” Jay held up the evidence bag that had what appeared to be a half of eye and a candy cane. “Where is the other half?”
“I think your killer ate it.”
“Number one, gross. Number two, DNA?”
“No, it was covered in some sort of liquid when we got here, and the enzymes in the eye would have eaten away any chance at DNA.”
“You are good to have Crime Scene collect everything, Jay.”
Jay waved his hand. “Thanks, Tony. Just this guy is getting on my nerves.”
“I know, Jay. You will get him.”
“It is almost like he is going through nightmares. The first victim, he was deathly afraid of fire. I know, he was a CI of mine. The second victim had a phobia about being shot. The third victim the family stated had a fear of needles, knives, anything sharp. If this man had a fear of fucking candy canes, I swear the media is going to fucking name him. That is not what I need; at all, is this guy getting an ego boost because the media has named him.”
“I think your Crime Scene guys have started calling him The Boogyman.”
“Fuck!” Jay hit his head with his palm.
“Go, talk to your witnesses. I got this, Jay.”
“Thanks Tony.”

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