With the craziness out there, I haven’t been able to post! I hope everybody is staying healthy and safe! My thoughts go out to those who are affected by this horrible virus. My thanks and worries go out to the essential workers, in all fields.

New Poem: All Rights Reserved


I feel like I am drowning
Drowning in the darkness
Darkness of my tortured thoughts
Thoughts of which there is no escape
Escape from the dark
Dark where I dance
Dance with the Fallen
Fallen that hold me
Who am I
I can’t fight to the Light
Light, To Bright, I close my eyes
Eyes blind to the Angels
Angels who give their lighat
Light on the path
Path out of the dark
Dark I feel like I deserve
Deserve the pain of this darkness
Darkness that shows
Shows my broken halo
Halo that once shined
Shined but now broken
Broken… is there hope
Hope… I can open my eyes
Eyes Blind to the Angels
Angels that give me Hope

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