The Damned Saint Excerpt

All Rights Reserved

Yes, I am editing, not working on anything else, just The Damned Saint, then I will finish Praying and Insomnia Cafe, Promise…. And Elemental Mazes. I swear!

Thoughts of this scene? Feedback feeds my soul!

Mind Typos, I am on my phone and auto correct hates me.


Raziel walked into the bakery that had opened up not far from his tattoo parlor. He stopped when he saw Sophia, for as close as she was to his husband, he had barley talked to her in the thousand plus years of knowing of her. But he had to smile as she was singing to Botis, who was wearing a lovely purple pink sundress and a Raspberry beret. The song she was singing was a cover of Raspberry Beret, the singer, he thought, had the name Dick, he wasn’t sure though. Sophia was dancing and singing to the blushing Duke of Hell.

The popular part was finishing when Sophia changed the words “If it was warmer she wouldn’t be wearing much more, that I would guarantee. Oh, Earth, I love her.” She then grabbed the Duke of Hell and kissed her with all the pureness of her sainted soul. Even after 1455 years together, the love was still as blinding as ever, much like his love for Vapula, and he realized exactly why he never lost faith. It was because of scenes like this across the world, through the times, stories of love long since lost to the rotations of the sun.

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