That night Lysandra made sure her siblings were asleep before she left to the local bar. She went for only one reason, to feel something for a moment of time, something other than numbness and anger. She stood at the bar a few empty shots of tequila in front of her, she slammed another one before she looked around the bar. She smirked when she saw a man by the jukebox. He stood in a suit, his tie was undone, and he looked like he wanted to sneak out the back. Lysandra swayed her hips and smirked, he was perfect. She moved over to him, and grabbed his drink and finished it, before she grabbed his hand. “Dance with me.”
            The man dumbly nodded and followed her to the dance floor. They danced like they were having sex with their clothes on, but they didn’t stay long. No, Lysandra needed to feel. She dragged him out to his car for some good ole stress relieving sex.
            This nameless man picked her up and had her wind her legs around his waist, as he made his way to his car. He pressed her back to the car and ground into her. He needed her. He needed her now. “I want you.” His voice was hot and low in her ear as he whispered huskily, due to arousal and the liquor they consumed. They were pressed flush together and Lysandra could feel just how much he wanted her as he canted his hips forward against her.
A moan found itself out of her throat as his lips descended on the sensitive skin of her neck. She needed to feel and he was helping. “Take me.” Lysandra almost begged. That seemed to be all it took because they were no longer a mess of hands and lips and the car door was swung open. Lysandra fell against the back seat, with this nameless man over her. Their lips met in another filthy kiss full of teeth and tongue. Lysandra was ready, wet, and needed to get him to make her feel!
This man stripped them and Lysandra enjoyed the view, he was lean and perfect, slightly toned and not as sickly pale as she had assumed from his hands. It was more like his skin was like cream; it was just as soft beneath her roaming hands. Because she needed him now!  Her eyes fell on his cock as it sprung free from its bonds. He was well endowed, thick and long as he stroked himself, and put on the condom she had put in his hand on the dance floor, she for sure picked well tonight. The very sight had her spreading her legs reaching out to pull him down.
His hands were on her again paired with hot kisses and teeth that would graze her skin sending chills down her spine.  This is exactly what she needed, to not think, to just feel, and then his fingers were brushing over the most sensitive part of her. He worked her clit with fingers so skilled and focused that she got exactly what she wanted, she couldn’t think. She came undone at those masterful fingers, her legs shaking and voice calling out to a God she didn’t know existed. If she had thought that she was wet before she was positively dripping now.  “No- no, more,” she begged. She wanted more than just his teasing fingers; she wanted to feel him thrusting into the deepest part of herself, she needed it more than her next breath.
He complied eagerly. There was a quick moment where there weren’t any sensations stimulating her, but that moment was quickly ended. He knelt between her spread legs grabbing her hips to pull her closer. She wanted to tell him to hurry, to take her, delve into her, but she didn’t have to, he was thrusting into her fully with one quick motion. He bottomed out in a second and she threw her head back in a silent ‘o’. Though she wanted fast and dirty, he was gentle with her, and let her get used to his size. The first thrust rough and needy as he entered her, but he waited for her. She lay beneath him, legs wrapped around his slim waist. Her whole body shook with need. “Move,” she demanded and rolled her hips and gave a soft moan at the pleasure of it. He groaned as she tightened around him, squeezing him in the most pleasant way. Slowly he pulled out to the very head, and thrust just an inch back.
A devilish grin was on his lips as he teased her. Slowly he thrust into her over and over with just his head. Her stomach twisted in need as she tried to roll her hips to meet his thrusts, to make him go deeper. Strong hands at her hips pressed her down into the mattress so she didn’t even have a chance. “Tell me you want it. Tell me what it is you want and I will give it to you,” he murmured heatedly as he teased her dripping lips with his hot cock. He pulled out completely then rutting against her, grazing her clitoris and making Lysandra call out.
“I want you to fuck me. Please! Don’t tease me anymore!” Lysandra ordered as she dug her finger tips into this man’s shoulders. There would surely be bruises there, marks reminding him of their night together. The very thought made her moan just as he thrust deeply into her again. There was only pleasure that zapped up her spine making her arch her back for more. He groaned as he pulled back again and thrusting as far as he could. Lysandra matched his moans because that was all her pleasure clouded mind could comprehend. This man would murmur against her skin as he took her. He thrust into her sweetly when he felt like it, and harder when she begged. His cock pulsed in her as she clenched around him when he hit a particularly sweet spot inside. She was moaning and writing beneath him their bodies moving together. They needed one another and as they had sex, even if it was just to feel for her, and a want to get lucky for him, Lysandra began to feel her orgasm deep in her stir.  A warm sensation started just behind her navel and she called out to him, “harder, more, please!” She pleaded over and over in different variations. She was close to her climax and if the erratic snap of his hips was any indication he was close as well.  He murmured sweet nothings over and over when he was not crashing their lips together in a filthy meeting. Urgency came to their touches then, both of them seeking something from the other. It was not long until they were both coming together. A toe curling orgasm pulsed its way through her as she cried out. Her back arched and this nameless man did his best to keep her still. There would be bruises on her hips the shape of his fingers in the morning. For a long moment as they rode their climax out, they kissed. They held onto one for a moment while they rode out their highs. She felt as he slipped from her, and she turned them so his back was against the seat. He fell asleep. She snorted and moved to get dressed.
After she finished dressing Lysandra stood outside the car, smoking a cigarette. The one night stand nameless man was sleeping in his back seat. She sighed, she couldn’t seem to be but numb even if the numbness left long enough for her to achieve an orgasm. She would be thankful to this nameless man for the moments that left her without thought. She flicked her cigarette away and walked to her truck. It was time for her to return to reality, the numbness, and anger that came with being human.


  1. Unknown says:

    \”\”No- no more,” she begged. \”very well done!the only suggestion I would make is put a comma after the second \”no\”, otherwise it reads as if she's telling him \”no more\” not \”no, more\”.


  2. Unknown says:

    Always! ❤


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