Random WIP Wed: The Prince’s Journey

The Prince’s Journey
All Rights Reserved

Bernard Walden never knew his family. He grew up at a Catholic orphanage in the middle of nowhere Iowa, from the date of his birth. He spent his childhood playing with toy soldiers and planning one day to go to West Point. To be an officer in the Army. To lead. Right before his eighteenth birthday and three weeks before he left for West Point and left the Iowa Orphanage and loneness behind forever, his life would change forever. It was a typical Iowa July day, humid enough he was breathing his daily intake of water, he laid down under the ancient oak tree that was his sanctuary when he was a child. Laying there he picked up an old toy solider; he used to spend days setting up enemy sides, his sides and planning how he would one day lead his Army. From childhood fantasy to reality in a way. Laying there lost in memories he let himself drift into sleep.
When he woke he found himself no longer in Iowa. He found himself in a foreign land lot to time. What was stranger was the man staring at him like he was the greatest thing he had ever seen. That was how he found himself in front of a person stating they were the Queen and he was heir to the throne. And they were at war and they needed his help. But can he help them? Can he end the war before it costs their world everything? Will he make it back to the world he grew up in? Does he want to go back? With blue eyes and whispered encouragement in his ear, will he find the ending to his journey in the land that time forgot? Or will he fail in his task and lose the choice?

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