Two Events: A Micro Fiction Story

Two Events
A Micro Fiction Story
Katherine Rochholz
All Rights Reserved Copyright 2019
            When I was sixteen I swore never to touch alcohol.
And I never even had a sip of a beer in college. I swore never to touch a drop.
I always felt there were only two types of people in the world, those who were drunks and those who survived them.
            My parents they were killed by a drunk driver, days after my sixteenth birthday. My life was shattered. I was sixteen! I needed my mom and dad! I was alone in the world. I swore to put an end to drunk driving.
            I became a lawyer. I was a prosecutor. I asked for the strictest punishments for drunk driving. I helped get laws written and changed to be harsher for alcohol related offenses. To tax it more, to make it harder for people to get, to destroy it.
            Then my world came crashing down around me… again.
            My daughter was murdered. By a man who wanted revenge. He hunted her down and killed her; because I had sent his lover to prison for twenty years, for killing a person while driving drunk.
            I couldn’t face life without my daughter.
            A friend handed me a glass of Whiskey.
            It numbed me… And I wanted to be numb.
            One event caused me to never to touch alcohol.
            One event caused me to be dependent upon it…

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