Why? A Micro Fiction Story

Micro Fiction
Katherine Rochholz
All Rights Reserved Copyright 2019
            Through my life I fought, I fought to live; to exist to rise above what people said I would amount to becoming. From pushing the limits of my mind to the limits of my body, I pushed. I became a world renowned Trauma surgeon in the Army. A war hero. A bride. A wife. A widowed mother. I pushed to be a good person, to do the right thing. I pushed and pushed. Never knowing why. I had nothing to prove. I didn’t have parents; I was a trash can prom baby, abandoned to die, and saved by the dumb luck that at janitor found me. I bounced from home to home until I was 15 and graduated medical school and finally gained my emancipation. So, I never knew why I pushed, not until I was ninety three and I had taken my last breath, and there before me was my maker, and he said the words nobody had ever said, the reason I pushed, the words I had wanted to hear my whole life: “I am so proud you are mine.”

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