The Last Kiss Micro Fiction

The Last Kiss
A Micro Fiction Story
Katherine Rochholz
Copyright 2019 All Rights Reserved.
            I had said the last time, was the last time. Yet here I am lying next to her. I don’t love her. I barely lust for her.
            Yet, I am lying here. Next to her. And not him.
            My husband who adores me.
            I am lying in this on call room with her, and all I really want to do is be lying next to him. I could blame the adrenaline of being a world renowned surgeon, who just did the impossible. But it would be a lie. A horrible lie.
            She is a drug. And she has got to go. I knew exactly what I would have to do as she walked to the shower.
            So, I take the needle out as she finishes her shower. She walks up to kiss me and I allow it. I raise my hand and just inside her ear piercing I plunged the drug into her system.
            I don’t catch her when she falls. I use the blankets to move her to the bed.
            I walk out of the on call room when I get a page.
            With that I killed my drug addiction.
            And nobody would ever know about that last kiss…

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