Decision: A Flash Fiction Story

Katherine Rochholz
Copyright 2018 All Rights Reserved
Flash Fiction Story
            I sit and sip upon my only margarita of the night. I smile as the tempo of the music changes into a classic rock song about a boy who killed another and now had a gang after his life. Truthfully, I never thought I would be here, after all my mother tried to stonewall me, to preventing this, to prevent my dreams of coming true.
            Everybody has a story, about what their parents expected from them. Mine? My story is just the opposite of normal. Well, not really, just what my mother wanted for me.
            I was always a plain girl so when the popular boy showed interest in me, I thought I had died and gone to paradise. Needless to say, he just wanted the claim of taking my virginity. Well, I got pregnant. My mother wanted me to work at the diner, raise the child, become a wife, give up college. She refused to help me as I left for college. I made my choice, no matter the roadblocks, the loans, the challenges, I fought, and I won.
            Tonight is the night before my medical school graduation. I smile at the eighties themed birthday party my seven year old son wanted. It was obscene the amount of eighties music my son adored, but he was happy. I was happy.
            And in six weeks I would be a surgical intern at one of the best teaching hospitals in the world; but the best thing I have ever done in my life, was keep my son and leave my mother’s house, making it on my own. After all, this life, it is my story to write.

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