NaNoWriMo Project Excerpt:

NaNoWriMo Project Excerpt:
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Lysandra stood in front of the masses. “We are taught as Catholics that death is nothing but a transition.” Lysandra wasn’t sure she still believed in God after what she had seen in the war, but it was a comfort to her siblings, family, and friends. She stood before them in the church, her parents caskets laid out side by side, one with a flag, one with enough flowers to make a garden jealous. She swallowed, “we are taught that there is life after death. We are taught about life eternal. We are taught that once these mortal hearts beat their final beat that we are raised into the afterlife. Where our souls are cleansed in purgatory, then we ascend into heaven. It is hard to remember these teachings today. It is easy to say these words; but to live them is harder to do, when our souls are in this much pain.
            Our hearts and souls are grieving. It feels as if the ground has fallen out from underneath us. There isn’t a single person here that is not affected by this grief, though in varies degrees.
            Our parents, Nero and Tia, they touched so many lives. One who never met them can tell that just by the fact the church cannot hold all of us. So many people from so many walks of life, there was nobody that my parents wouldn’t help.” Lysandra paused, so many thoughts into her own head. Especially if it was good publicity. After all, mother would not accept anything but obedience and following the pat set for them for her children.’She looked at the words she had written. She wrote them in a moment of pain and hate for her parents for leaving her. For making her do this, for making her siblings hurt. Once she wrote them that first night when she couldn’t sleep, she went numb. She coughed to cover the pause.
            “I am not going to stand here and say everything will be alright. Because right now, it is not for any of us. What I will state is that they believed in life after death. That we will see them again someday. It is so easy to say this, but I know the pain in my soul, and it is hard to not want the world to stop turning with you. Because it feels like the world stopped that night and we tilted as it went to a dead stop from the sixty-six thousand miles an hour it was traveling around the sun.

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