Monster University Part II

Monster University Part II starts today

Here is a rough schedule!

Monster University
Zoe & Aeron SURPRISE
Vampire: Drake – Dracula
Vampire: Ian – Dracula’s Grandfather Vlad
Frankenstien: Frank
Bride of Frankenstien: Elizabeth, now Beth
Werewolf: Lucas
Creature of the Black Lagoon: Bleu
Creature of the Black Lagoon: Tony
Mummy: Cameron,
Mummy: Naome,
Dr. Jeykell Mr. Hyde:.  Henry now goes as Gabriel, when Edward is out he goes as John
Headless Horseman: Ajit,
Headless Horseman: Ewan, was Ewen,
Invisable Man: was Griffin, now, Draco,
The Phantom of the Opera: Erik,
Dorian Gray: Darin,
Skeleton Man: Bo
Marie LaVeau: Kat,
Succubus: Jo, Jo’s Pool Hall, Bar in town. 
Zombie: Samuel,
Ghoul: Gus
Scarecrow: Hal,
Van Helsing: Abe Van Helsing Jr. 
Shadow Man: Sebastian
Voodoo Priest: Jacques Paris husband of Marie Laveau,
Warlock: Kristoff, Bloody Mary: Mia
Ghosts: Villisca Ax Murder:  Katherine Moore, Kitty now, and Lena Stillinger, now Lila, and Ina Mae, now Ida,
Boogeyman: Caliban
Lady of the Lake:  Viv,
Homunculus: Jon;
Fallen Angel: Alyssa
Leprechaun: Sherman
Demon: Raven

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