Insomnia Café: Excerpt Ryan

Insomnia Café: Excerpt Ryan
All Rights Reserved

But honestly, what is a hero? Nobody is born a hero. They are made that way.
Sometimes, it is just the choices they make that taking one event that could destroy them and turning it into a fuel for their righteousness. For their desire to save everyone. Generally, because they couldn’t save the one that meant the most to them.
One event.
That is all it takes. One event. Good or Evil. That is all it will ever take is one event to decide what side of the war you are on. Good, Evil, and those poor idiots that are in the middle, like me.
Rather the event takes seconds, days, weeks, months, or years, a hero will become a beacon of all that is good, that people forget they are human.
But sometimes…Just sometimes, it can take one person to remind them they are human. And save their soul before the pressure of being perfect gets tom them.
Sometimes the villain doesn’t need to be saved; but a hero always needs to be saved.
And maybe it takes a villain to do the saving…

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