Random WIP Tuesday: Insomnia Café

Random WIP:
Insomnia Café
All Rights Reserved

I never saw my life ending up like this. Actually, I never thought I would be alive, let alone owning a café in a major city.

When I was fifteen I lied about my age and joined the military. When I was twenty seven a bullet ended my military career. After a year of physical therapy I choose to take my life savings and open up an all-night café. What I didn’t expect was that it would become the Switzerland in a sea of crazy.
From the very first ‘villain’ and the very first ‘hero’ to walk into my doors I declared neutral and stayed out of it.

The city is full of characters, and a few of them are my regulars. From heroes to criminals to the regular Joe off the street. And my café has become a central hub that is neutral and a safe place for all.

These are the stories of the regulars at Insomnia Café.

Excerpt 1:
Being Neutral. Easier said than done in this world. As I glared at the gaping hole in my roof and I glared at the lime green acid that dripped from the edges. Daniel was so paying for the repairs. Why couldn’t they take it to the streets like the mobsters and the cops? Damn super humans, or aliens, or whatever the bastards were, they always made a mess and then came in here and acted like nothing was wrong. Daniel and Ryan were the worst. Bitter enemies until they walked through my door, then they acted like fucking lovers. Maybe they just needed to be locked into a room and left to their own devices.
Excerpt 2:

I sighed as I knew I would be having someone fix the bay windows again. Why don’t I just replace them with concrete. It would teach them.

I rolled my eyes as they came in after the fight. This time at least it wasn’t the super humans. “You are fixing the window, O’Doyle. Coffee?” I asked as they took their seats in their section.

“Mo stór! Whiskey!” O’Doyle slammed his hand down. “We are free another day!”

“You are only free O’Doyle because we couldn’t pin it on you,” sneered O’Malley.

“Detective you hurt me! How could you believe we are participating in illegal activities?”

“Can it O’Doyle.” O’Malley turned to me. “Dear, if you could get us some pie and coffee?”

“No problem Detective.” As I turned to yell back to the kitchen.

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