Random Scene in The Final Lullaby Tour

I have been busy writing! I felt that there needed to be a bit of funny in the book!
Here is a random scene in The Final Lullaby Tour
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Random Conversation overheard as Doyle stalked his next victim:

Victim: Wow, really in the end it would be easy to fake these papers if you had a notary stamp.

Person B: Oh yeah! It is insanely simple to almost get any paperwork, legal documents, even passports if you know the right people, have the right equipment, and a stack of Bens!

Victim (very wary): You seem to know a lot of about this…
Person B: Well, yeah, I researched it for a novel.

Victim: A novel?

Person B: Yeah, I am an author. A poor, struggling, have to work a day job author but an author.

Victim: And you researched this?

Person B: Yep, along with how long does it take for a few hundred pounds of cement to dry, best way to dispose of a body, and how far down can those infrared scanners actually read. All quite standard searches when you are writing a novel where the main character is a serial killer who travels. And faking papers is the easiest thing a villain can do.

Victim: You know all that is illegal right? You don’t actually do any illegal things right?

Person B: Of course not! I wouldn’t do anything that could get me thrown into prison! I wouldn’t want to have to become the
head of a prison gang! That is just way to much work!

Victim: *blinking*

Person B: I mean, first working your way up, then getting your minions, then enforcing everything, and opening up an illegal shop for supplies that aren’t allowed. Not to mention finding a way to get my fix of social media!

Victim: Your chief reason is that it is too much work?

Person B: *tilting my head* You mean that isn’t everybody’s reason? I mean I know I have better things to do with my time than worrying about leading a gang, spending hours getting contraband into the prison, and I for sure have better things to spend my money on then illegal documents and bribes!

Victim: Have a good day! *Power Walks Away*

Person B: *Shrugs, turns to clerk* I need to renew my passport.

Doyle has to stop himself from laughing. He was glad he hadn’t picked her. But he had to meet her. He looked her up and down. She was just his type. Small, curvy, long brown hair hair and eyes. Perfect. After all who would suspect a man of being a serial killer if he had a wife and family. He moved up to her.

Doyle: That was quite an interesting conversation. I would love to get a drink with you. My name is Doyle.

Person B: *Smiles* My name is ****

I don’t have a name yet! Please list your suggestions! 

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  1. Unknown says:

    Nadine Jones


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