Monster University Part II

I have decided to challenge myself again in October. 1 short story a day between 750-2500 words centered in the Monster University Universe!

September 30th Prologue: Zoe and Aeron! (Rachel’s sister and brother! What will happen?!)


Day One: Draco

Day Two: Drake

Day Three: Frank

Day Four: Beth

Day Five: Lucas

Day Six: Kat

Day Seven: Mia

Day Eight: James

Day Nine: Ewan

Day Ten: Hal

Day Eleven: Sam

Day Twelve: Darin

Day Thirteen: Sebastian

Day Fourteen: Morgan

Day Fifteen: Tony

Day Sixteen: Bleu

Day Seventeen: Ian

Day Eighteen: Gabriel and John

Day Nineteen: Erik

Day Twenty: Gus

Day Twenty-One: Abe

Day Twenty-Two: Jo

Day Twenty-Three: Ajit

Day Twenty-Four: Viv

Day Twenty-Five: Bo

Day Twenty-Six: Kristoff

Day Twenty-Seven: Jon

Day Twenty-Eight: Caliban

Day Twenty-Nine: Cameron

Day Thirty: Naome

Day Thirty-One: Kitty, Lila and Ida

Bonus: Sherman

Bonus: Raven

Bonus: Alyssa

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