Excerpt Elemental Mazes

Excerpt Elemental Mazes Book 4 of the Katy Lily Series
All Rights Reserved

            Katy sat with Riley; they were sitting on the plane. The first maze wasn’t so bad a few choices made, a bit of power out of control. She feared perhaps their birth mother was right and she was going dark.
            Riley could practically hear her thoughts. “Nobody is pure light or dark until they make themselves that. Those who are dark gave up. They were told they were dark or cursed or they had no choice. They didn’t fight. They didn’t try. And that is what made them dark. They gave up. They invited darkness into their soul. There isn’t just light and dark. You can’t have one without the other. And no being is perfect. They just try to be a bit better than they were the day before and they hope for the best. They fight to be light. They fight to be good. And those people where are they? Those who fight? They are light.”

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