Random WIP: Open New Year’s Day
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I blame the basic flaw in our genetics. We are too human. What should have been a night out on the town with drinks and partying to forget the fact we worked dead end jobs.  Of course it was the fact we were drunk that got us into this situation. Isn’t that just the story of our lives? From our marriages to our divorces to the conceiving our children, along the line the five of us could state we were drunk at some point in the deciding phase of major life choices. But deciding to call up my lawyer of an ex-husband to make a sale go through quickly and then forgetting about it until he shows up on New Year’s Eve with paperwork made me wonder if maybe we had some problems. What were the papers for? We, meaning myself and my 4 best friends, bought the store we worked for, how the hell did we forget that? Well, the next day the company was open and it was time for us to sink or swim, for we were Open New Year’s Day. Join us as we try to figure out how to run the store while not letting our former co-workers know we are the new owners while we get ourselves on steady ground. 

The days blur. The seasons change. The Earth changes. But the days blur. Same thing day in day out. Five days a week get up, go to work, deal with mind numbing stupidity, leave work, pay bills, do errands, do a bit of shopping, get a drink, eat dinner, read or watch a movie, go to bed, and get up and do it all over again. Weekends not much better, get up, do chores, do errands, pay bills, do a bit of shopping, get a drink, eat dinner, read a book or watch a movie go to bed. The season change, the sky changes, the Earth changes, but the days blur. That is until we made a pact to change that… That New Year’s Eve, we will never forget, we don’t even know how we did what we did But that New Year’s Eve changed our lives, and now the world was Open New Year’s Day and we had to learn to swim… and fast… Who is to blame for this? I blame a flaw in all of humanity. It is a basic flaw in our genetics, we are too human. What is humanity? It is a bunch of mismatched genes pushed together and most of the time we tend to gravitate towards those whose flaws annoy us the least. Or whose positive attributes draws us in the most. However, it all comes down to a basic flaw in our genetics. These emotions, the bad, (jealousy, hate, anger, greed) and the good (love, hope, kindness, generosity); it is all due to a flaw in our make-up. Believe it or not, these flaws are what got us into this situation. And now we have to use those good attributes of our genes to not fuck over other people. Yeah, good luck to us.

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