RANDOM WIP: Snippets Of Time

RANDOM WIP: Snippets Of Time
All Rights Reserved

One snippet of time. That is all it takes to read a postcard. When Cordelia received an unexpected postcard in her mail; she never knew that snippet of time she took to read it, and the next where she saved it, would ever turn her life on its head and take her on a whirlwind ride. Cordelia will experience things she never thought she would, from simply trying a new activity, to trying a new food, to quitting her job and taking the plunge into the unknown… and maybe along the way she will find love. All from pausing for a snippet of time.

Chapter One Excerpt:

I blinked. No return address just a simple postcard. I moved to toss it away. But for some reason I put it up on my huge industrial fridge. I sighed when I looked at my kitchen. I loved to bake. As much as I loved to write. But I hadn’t made it big enough yet to give up the day job. Customer Service. I blew my hair out of my face. “The customer is always right my ass. More like the customer will always be an idiot. Isn’t that right Pluto?” I asked my calico cat. He just tilted his head and looked at his bowl like ‘feed me puny human.’ I swear my cat thinks he really is the Roman god. I stood up and saw the postcard again. And it made me smile as I got ready for my day.

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