Project of the Day: Editing Shades of Fear

Project of the Day: Editing Shades of Fear

Shades of Fear
All Rights Reserved


A woman with golden hair and eyes that were reminiscent of the fires of hell stood with a babe clutched to her chest. The night was cold, unusually cold for a June night in the Midwest United States. It was foggy, the rain that threatened to fall hung in the air. But there she stood holding this precious being, that should not exist, to her and hating herself for what she was about to do. “I am so sorry, my child.” she whispered as she put a bind upon what was his rightful inheritance. But no matter her own power the bind would, at most, last until his twenty first birthday. She hoped it lasted that long. She knew he would be trained as a Nephilim; but he would need that training to win the war against those who fear change.
She laid the child down in front of the rectory of the church. She was not lost on the irony that she was dropping her child off in front of a Catholic Church. She chuckled, for immortal beings those very beings resisted change like humans tried to prevent plagues. She sighed, she wasn’t immune to the resistance of change any more than the others of her kind, but she had long ago learned pouting and throwing a temper tantrum would not stop the change.
She bent to kiss the child’s head. “No matter why I do this, I do love you Nathaniel Samuelson.” She whispered as she wrapped him in a blanket and left him lay in the basket, upon the note she placed within the basket she had left it simply stated:
‘Nathaniel Damion Samuels,
June Sixth The Year Of Our Lord 2001.
To Whom Finds This Child,
This child is destined to change the existence of heaven, hell, and Earth. Take care of him, love him, and encourage him… for everything depends upon him. Tell him his mother loves him but couldn’t keep him.
L. Samuels’
With that and one last kiss to her child’s head she turned on her heel and with a rustle of wings she was gone.
Seconds later a young nun opened the door and let out a gasp as she picked up the child. She read the note. Something told her to not share more than his name and date of birth with the others. She would raise him as her own. She would get both her dreams. To be a Bride of Christ and be a mother. With that she turned to file the guardianship paperwork that the law required and inform the proper authorities. After all one must follow not only the laws of God but the law of man. “Don’t worry Miss Samuels, Nathaniel will be loved with everything I have in me.” This young nun whispered into the air, just as she looked into the blinking green eyes of the babe.

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