By Katherine Rochholz
All Rights Reserved

I feel like I am drowning in the darkness of my mind.
And there is no escape.
My demons are asking me to dance under the pale moonlight.
How do I say no?
They offer reprieve from not only the darkness.
But the madness that can’t be escaped.
The angels try to keep me in the sun.
They tell me to fake it until the smile is real.
Does the darkness really bring the peace it claims? They whisper.
I want to say yes; but I know the demons of my mind lie.
Tell half-truths and feed on my doubts.
But how do I say no to them?
I am drowning in the darkness of my mind.
And without help I shall not find my escape.
The demons ask me to dance in the pale moonlight.
And offer me a reprieve.
How do I say no?
The angels say fake it.
The demons say embrace it.
I am drowning.
The darkness beacons.
The madness becomes complete.
I need help.
But to ask is impossible.
I am drowning.
The voices of the demons drown the angels.
They want me to dance with them in the pale moonlight.
Embrace Darkness.
How do I say no?
I am drowning in the darkness of my mind…
And there is no escape…


  1. Anonymous says:

    This is very sad and makes me worry about you! It's a beautiful sad but if you need someone to reach out to contact me anytime.


  2. Thank you for the concern. I know a lot of my poetry is sad, but when I wrote them I was in a dark place. But everything is looking up and good!


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