The Year is 2563…

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I look into my mirror. I smile, it is old, centuries old, and mine. I touch up my lipstick, after all, I am about to assert my mask I have created to the masses. My transformation was not an easy one. From a lower life upon this space station, called Earth III, to a twenty-seven-year-old Queen. Well, a queen in my own right. There is not much I can’t obtain now in this new life. From the cleanest of water to the rarest of processions, such as my prize horse, Silver Speed. I am due at the studio soon, an interview about my life and how I made it from nothing to everything. I smirk as I snapped my compact mirror shut and take a deep breath. It had nothing to do with the distribution of my books and my music, but due to the last diamond from Earth resting upon my knuckle. As I said my transformation wasn’t easy, with the cost of saying yes, because now after ten years I am finally a widow. The year is 2563 and the fifth revolution for equality ended with hemlock upon one man’s lips and one woman’s sacrificed innocence. And now it is time for my story to be heard…

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