On the Campaign Trail

Theme: On the Campaign Trail

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I stood in front of the roaring crowd. Memories coming back to me. “How does one get to this point. Standing in front of a crowd on a campaign trail? I am about to tell you.” I started. “Forty years ago I was but a secretary. No one of importance. I had the impression I would die a nameless face of society. It is sort of funny this path I am now one started with a bowl of soup and a glass of milk. I found a child without any armor against the cold, one that would tremble in fear when I tried to help him with a kind hand. As with an injured dove, I held the child and set about to make sure he was healed. I then set about to make sure no child ever was hurt, like this little boy was, ever again. I found a group of like-minded individuals and united them. But to change the system we had to be within it. So we made a list, columns of pros and cons, and win the end I ended up in a public office. As I raised this little by my ambition to give him, and children like him, everything a child deserves and I moved up the ranks in the face of the public. Then I sat there, on my son’s birthday, one year, not long after he had graduated with his doctorate, we watched the television as it was announced. My end goal to show my son, the little boy I saved, that anything is possible with hard work. I turned to him and he pulled me into a hug. He was now a grown man of twenty-four and I am so proud of the man he has become. He kissed my cheek and smiled and stated, ‘Congrats Madam President.’ I smiled back at this young man that changed my life. ‘Thank you, son.’ I had told him.” I looked out at the crowd and smiled. “Why tell this story now? When I have long since been out of office? Why do I stand before you at the start of this campaign trail? Because today I introduce you to my son as he announces his bid to run for the office you all once honored me with and I am here to tell you that for every benefit I gave our country my son can increase it tenfold. So join me in welcoming the Senator of Iowa and to celebrate his bid into becoming your president!” I stand back to clap as my son came upon the stage. My son kisses my cheek as he moves up to the stand and the crowd cheers. I smile, my little boy has come so far and it all started with a bowl of soup and a glass of milk.


  1. Great piece. Loved this, thank you.


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