December Update!

Hello, My Loyal Fans!

December going quickly! And I have decided I must be more realistic in my goals, and though most books are outlined with the day job I don’t have a lot of time to write and then type, though I write every day what I write by hand, only about half end up being used. I have decided that Elemental Mazes will be getting a new full re-write? Why? Because I have added a scene to Falling Pieces and another to Dark Secrets that wouldn’t fit if it wasn’t set up in Elemental Mazes and that changes not only the flow of the book but the tone of it. Yes, it will be a bit darker in parts, especially the later chapters going into the darker fifth, sixth and seventh books
The Keepers and the Sisters of Lilith is now in an editing phase and a couple more chapters left to write. And here is my schedule for the next 13 months! If you would like me to change this drop me a line and let me know which of my WIPs you would rather see sooner! I will try to accommodate, after all, one must listen to their fans!

December 2016: Elemental Mazes Re-Write/ The Keepers Edit
January 2017: Shades of Fear/ Elemental Mazes Edit
February 2017: Elemental Mazes Publishing Final Edit
March 2017: Shades of Fear Final Edits
April 2017: Falling Pieces
May 2017: Falling Pieces
June 2017: The League of The Throw-Aways Final Outline and Publishing Falling Pieces
July 2017: Demonic Savior Re-Write Outline/ Trust Few Outline
August 2017: Mix of WIPs from the start of the year
September 2017: Dark Shadows, final first draft
October 2017: The Unknown Sister Of Sherlock Holmes Re-Write Outline
November 2017: Wake Up! NANAWRIMO
December 2017: Finishing up Outlines and editing of drafts

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