Chapter Six: The Reluctant Doctor

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Chapter Six: The Reluctant Doctor
            Dean groaned. “We just came from that bankrupt, morally and financially, state! Why do we have to go back?”
            Abby rolled her eyes. “That is where our next Keeper is living. So behave or I will make us drive the way across the United States. You are lucky my soul almost wanted someone in Japan, but they failed their test. Seriously greed runs rampant in this world of sins.”
            Dean would deny the pout but he huffed and sat back. “Private jet?”
            “Yes. We are going out of JFK though.” Abby stated. “Now just behave, I have some testing to do and though my body is here doesn’t mean I am.” Abby stated and closed her eyes again. She wanted to get the lists longer. More potentials. It was the only way to stay on top of Lilith. This time she wouldn’t let the Keepers, Protectors, or Guides see the list until they proved their loyalty. Damn Jesse for making her doubt her people. She had almost gotten over her trust issues as long as they were here people. She took a deep breath and opened her souls to the souls of the world.
            Sakura sighed as she sat down in front of the mound of paperwork. When her mother got sick she quit her job and lived off her savings to take care of her. After all, what daughter wouldn’t drop everything for the woman who escaped China so she wouldn’t have to kill her daughter, upon her husband’s orders? Nobody who was decent that is who. Sakura sighed. Her mother passed just a couple of weeks ago and she still was buried in paperwork. She also knew she had to find a job soon. It wasn’t like one was just going to come to her and fall in her lap. But she didn’t want to go back to being a doctor. She only become a doctor because that was her mother’s dream. And her mother ‘risked almost certain death and starvation bringing you to America so you could live in the land of the free!’ Sakura shook her head. She could hear her mother’s voice telling her a good daughter would do what their mother wanted. To better themselves and be a doctor. Sakura loved math and science and had not only her medical degree but doctorates in Biology and Chemistry. She was a genius and a good doctor. The only thing that didn’t make her great was that she had no love for the job. Her college friends used to call her the ‘Reluctant Doctor’ mostly because she became one but she would rather be in a lab or on an adventure discovering and exploring.
            Sakura put the paperwork down. She had to get away. She grabbed the keys to her car and took off; after all, San Francisco was the home of so many fabulous shoe shops, thus shoes that she needed to buy. She smiled as she thought of hours of shopping for shoes. She loved shoes. It was the one thing that she and her mother could agree on; the shoe made the woman.
            Sakura hummed as she took her sacks and put them in her car an hour later. She looked around and then at her watch. She had time for a few more shops before they closed. She walked over to the one that had the most wonder stiletto heeled shoes. She smiled as she walked in, she was sure heaven was a shoe store.
            Alice watched the woman she was sure would be a Keeper. She had been sent by Leslie to watch her. She had good taste in shoes that much could be said for her. But Alice wanted her nowhere near Leslie. But she watched as ordered. After all Alice followed orders for so long now that is all she knew. Her mind had been broken because of Leslie. Sometimes though, just sometimes, the girl that was Alice showed through, but it was rare. Alice watched and remembered herself before she was recruited by Leslie. She almost was recruited by Abby. She still wondered how life would be if she hadn’t given into Leslie and Abby found her first.
            Alice Burnt was looking through her new case files. She had gone to the Army to get her degree and now she worked as a parole officer. She was bored with the job to be honest. It wasn’t exciting, it wasn’t glamourous, and it wasn’t what she wanted out of life. She looked up when her new parolee came in. “Miss Leslie McKinnon.” She stated in greeting. “I am Alice Burnt.”
            “Hello Madam Burnt.” Leslie practically purred. “Tell me Alice…” she paused to look at the woman in front of her. “Do you believe in magic?”
            Alice raised an eyebrow; “are you going to tell me that magic made you break into the Washington Monument?”
            Leslie took a seat, her body full of cocky confidence. “Of course, you see, I needed a piece of the monument. It holds a lot of magic after all; as the people of this great nation gave it meaning and as more and more people visit the magic builds. And it is key into giving the people of this world magic. After all it is being kept from us.” Leslie stated.
            Alice looked at Leslie. “Kept from us?” She asked, even though her mind was screaming to run. Run from this predator; for she was going to take her life and soul. Alice wished she would have listened.
            Alice shook her head to get rid of the past. Leslie had broken her mind with her words and promises. She had broken her soul and heart with her false love. Sometimes she wondered if she would have been picked as Protector if she hadn’t fallen for Leslie’s lies. She doubts it. Alice was sure Leslie was her test and she had failed it. After all a couple of days listening to Leslie she had given her heart and soul to her. She had killed three people for Leslie to try to be the Protector Abby choose. But Abby knew. Abby is always knows. How Leslie was able to block her from seeing the murders of the list and Jesse’s betrayal she didn’t know. She was sure it was something Jesse did, something he removed from Abby. What it was she wasn’t exactly sure, but it had to be something vital. But Leslie wouldn’t tell her. Leslie would use her, tell her what to do, send her out to kill, but wouldn’t truly share anything with anybody. To be honest it was a bad move in Alice’s book. What if Abby finally snapped and actually killed her. Abby avoids being the cause of mortal deaths but she had taken lives before; she had to have, she was God. And Alice made the choice to side against God and side with Lilith and those of her ilk. Oh, Alice knew what awaited her when Abby got tired of letting her go. Alice thought that maybe Abby still saw the Alice she used to be, before she was driven into this insanity of lust and need by Leslie.
            Alice looked back at her target. She was to either recruit or kill. And right now she was leaning towards killing. This Sakura was just exotic enough to catch Leslie’s attention for a bit of time. She took her rifle out and had it trained on the woman as she was admiring a really high pair of stilettos. ‘Takes guts to wear them.’ Alice thought as she pulled the trigger. She looked up as the dust settled from the wall and swore. She wasn’t about to risk another shot. She packed up and left.
            Abby had an itch at the back of her neck. She had finally gotten into town and was following the list to… “The shoe district.” She let out a moan. She hated shoes. She knew they were a necessity but for her Father’s sake they were just shoes and not to be fawned over and worshiped like a god! They got to the store and Abby saw a glint. She turned the boys. “Get everybody down now! Tackle them if needed!”
            The boys didn’t wait and ran into the store running into the women and tackling the four women that were shopping. They all looked pissed and about to scream when someone noticed the bullet hole and the dust settling and screamed as she pointed to the wall.
            Abby winced and held a hand over her ears. “Goodness, woman! Shut up!” She yelled and went and looked at the whole. “Damn it! It is Alice. She is in town.” She turned to the women. “Which one of you is Sakura Hoshi?”
            Sakura held up a hand. “I am ma’am. Why?”
            “Great! We will explain later. You all call the cops and report this of course but I and Doctor Hoshi are going for a ride.” She then waved her hand allowing her magic to flow through her putting a different string of events into their head. That there was only the three of them, they had heard a shot and saw the bullet hit the wall and they all hit the ground. Sakura Hoshi was never there.
            “But my shoes!” Sakura yelled.
            Abby rolled her eyes and grabbed the pair of shoes throwing down the five hundred they were on the counter. “Stupid bloody shoes. They aren’t worth dying over.” She mumbled as she lead them all back to the car. She got them all in and took off.
            Dean looked at the woman clutching the pair of shoes. “What is she, cannon fodder?” Dean already did not like her. She seemed way to shallow to be of use.
            Sakura hissed. “Who are you? A redneck hick? What the ever loving hell is going on?” She was confused, frightened and she was sure someone just tried to put a damn bullet in her head, and this man was judging her!
            Dean sneered. “If I wasn’t raised to not hit a woman I would teach you to call me a hick, bimbo!”
            “Bimbo?” She screeched. “I am a damn doctor! What are you? A burger flipper?”
            Dean opened his mouth to respond, just to be cut off by a loud whistle. “What the hell Abs?” He rubbed his ears. “That hurt!”
            Abby parked the SUV and rubbed her temples. Even being all powerful and immortal did not mean she did not get migraines. In fact with so much floating through her head she almost had a constant migraine. “Will you all stop fighting?” She yelled. “We don’t have time for this petty bullshit!” She turned in her seat. “The realms I created are in jeopardy. I will destroy the mortal realm before I allow the sisters too!” She screamed at them. “Now stop fucking fighting! Somehow Leslie has gotten my list again. That means Jesse did more than I thought in his betrayal. And that means we will have to get what he stole back. This is a get in, get the item, get out mission. This isn’t about fighting them yet.” Abby stated as she started the SUV once more. “someone explained to the reluctant doc what is going on and who I am.” Abby turned onto the highway. She had to get to a place to plan. She also had to connect to the McKinnon line to see where Leslie was hiding out before Leslie figured out exactly what she had upon her hand. If she was even wearing it. As Abby hadn’t seen the stone when she had fought Leslie when she went to go get August. Did she have it hidden? Having the stone would be the only way Leslie would know where possible Keepers were at and from there she could research the people in the area.  Abby had to get that stone back. She had stopped wearing it about a thousand years ago when it became almost unbearable to wear, the pain in her heart missing her brother, especially Lucifer. Abby finally saw a hotel and pulled in. Rest and planning had to be done before she went to gain back what was stolen. And the next on her list would have to wait. She needed the stone back. Right now before she could retrieve the next Protector she had protect the others. Getting back that stone was the most important issue at hand. Of course she hadn’t planned on literally running into her next Protector. She slammed the brakes and threw the SUV into park and she jumped out of the door. “I am so sorry!” She bent down to check the man. “Are you alright?”
            The man looked up at the woman. “Yeah, lady I am just fine, being hit by a damn monster of a car!”
            “Abby. My name is Abby. You should let us check you out. We have a doctor in the party and I used to be a nurse at one time.” Abby was looking him over and making sure she hadn’t done any damage. She released a bit of magic to help the bruising her mind found.
            “No need, seriously lady. No need. I am fine. I am just here on vacation and I don’t want it cut short because I was hit by a car, and was uninjured. “By the way my name is…”
            Abby didn’t let him finish as he met her eyes and her eyes went white as his test appeared before her. “Martin Nunez, 27: Normally of Miami Florida.”

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