Day Twenty-Seven Monster University: Jon

Monster University
Katherine Rochholz
All Rights Reserved

            “I hate humans! They think just because we weren’t born we are monsters! I see it every Halloween or when Hollywood wants to romanticize us as being misunderstood! Well, we are but that is beside the point. None of us asked for an undead life… well that isn’t true there are a few monsters that hunted for immortality and gained it. Some of us didn’t even ask to exist! I mean it wasn’t like I told Count Johann Ferdnand Von Kustien to create me! I didn’t ask for visions of those who are horrible people, dishonest and allowing violence to take over. I didn’t ask to have to fight to the death of all my 9 siblings just to live! I don’t ask to have to drink the blood of forty humans a year around Halloween and into Thanksgiving. But I must if I want to pass for a little person. I mean even with my magic I am no taller than four foot. In my natural form I am about a foot tall. But I am deadly. Sometimes I wonder if it was worth the fight to live; just to be surrounded by all this death. But then again I am not totally moral either so I can’t say anything. Even if I spend my days preaching it.”
            “Pastor Jon!” A voice yelled out for him.
            Jon turned around. “Oh Richard how are you?”
            “Fine, fine, do you have time to hear a confession?”
            “Of course Richard.” Jon stated with a smile. He didn’t know why he chose this lot when they moved. Maybe because his last college degree was in religions. But having someone in the church allowed for suspension to be thrown away from them; after all, who didn’t believe the word of the town pastor?
            Richard looked relieved and went into the confessional. “Forgive me for I have sinned, it has been a few years since my last confession.”
            Jon listened to his minor offenses and then he heard Richard’s voice catch and a hesitation to continue. Ooo… What juicy secret did Richard have? Jon knew he had an off feeling about him, but with so many people in the town it was hard for him to pinpoint exactly who the evil ones were, which is why being the pastor was another bonus. Confessions! It allowed him to find his forty victims and spread them through October and November. He was up to thirty nine down and needed only one more and it wasn’t even close to the end of November yet. Boy, do college towns really bring out the horrible, dishonest, violent, amoral people of the world. “Go on Richard, I am not here to judge, to just listen and give you your penance.”
            Richard nodded to himself. “You see Pastor, I was cheating on my wife… with another man and when that man wanted to go public…” Richard paused again and swallowed. “I killed him. I killed him so he wouldn’t mess up this perfect suburban life I lead. I had loved him… but he was going to tell my wife! My wife would have taken my money when she left!”
            Jon raised an eyebrow. He knew Richard and his wife had three children, but that wasn’t the reason he gave for not wanting his wife to leave. No, he said money. “Richard, you should confess to the police. But that is up to you. For your penance I give you one hundred service hours to the church and a dozen rosaries before bed, every night for a year.”
            “Thank you Pastor!” Richard stated and left.
            Jon rolled his eyes as he locked up the church. He swore the mortals were getting worse and worse with each passing year. The corruption, lies, murders, other violent crimes, they were always on the rise and there seemed to be no end in sight. Sometimes it hurt Jon’s very being, for all he has done and does in his created, artificial, messed up undead life, he was a somewhat of a gentle soul. He shook his head to clear his thoughts, in a few days he would kill Richard, drink his blood and get on with this undead life. At least there would be one less amoral man on the street. Killing the one he loved just because of money. It made Jon sick. He looked at the time. He had some time to get to Morgan’s or Jo’s. It would depend on where the other monsters were tonight. He got in his car and drove to his house to change.
            A couple hours later he walked into Morgan’s. He nodded to Morgan and took a seat in the back. “Hey.” He greeted as he sat down.
            Ewan nodded. “When are you going to do your last?” He asked bluntly.
            “Wow, what has your panties in a twist?” Jon asked as he smiled at the waitress coming over.
            “Tony took off and left a mess at his cabin. He hasn’t even cleaned it up yet. And I have families breathing down my neck.”
            Jon winced. For as good as Tony was as a cleaner when it came to his own kills he was a procrastinator to the extreme. “That is never good.”
            Ewan nodded as he finished his beer as the waitress came up. “Another one please Suzie.” He stated.
            “Of course detective. And for your Pastor?”
            “Oh I will take my normal dear. Morgan, makes such lovely meals.”
            “Of course Pastor! Anything to drink?”
            “Red wine.” Jon smiled. “House is fine.”
            “Right away sirs!” Suzie bounced off.
            “So?” Ewan asked when she left.
            “Few days. Bastard was the one behind the death of that nice boy, the one that was kicked out by his family for being gay.”
            “Damn. Wanted to arrest the one who killed Bobby. Who was it?”
            “Richard Gray.”
            “The one married to what’s her face with three kids? Why he kill him?”
            “They were sleeping together and Bobby wanted to make it public. Richard killed him so his wife wouldn’t take his money. Not his kids, not his rep, but his money. Sick bastard.”
            Ewan nodded. “So when you going to drain him?”
            “About a week. Want to let him put his guard back down. He knows we are friends and he thinks I might tell you.” Jon shrugged. “Let him think that he is going to get away with it, and then I will take him out.”
            Ewan nodded. “Good plan.” He stated. Suzie came back then with his beer and Jon’s soup.
            Jon smiled. “Thank you Suzie.” He stated as he looked at the blood pudding soup that Morgan made him. After all he may only need to drain forty humans and drink their blood, but he still loved blood. Blame the way he was created.
            “I still don’t see how you can eat and drink that.” Ewan shuddered.
            “Isn’t my fault that I am a homunculus; I mean come on I was created by being fed human blood for forty weeks. I mean come on man you know my creation was messed up, created in a pumpkin inside a horse’s womb, had to kill my nine siblings to live. And now because of that I have to have the blood of forty humans between October first and November thirtieth.” Jon shrugged. “Because of being feed that blood for forty weeks as I killed my siblings I have a craving for blood, even if I do only kill the minimum needed.” He stated as he spooned the blood soup into his mouth.
            Ewan shuddered. “No offense Jon but your creator was more messed up than Viktor Frankenstein.”
            Jon laughed. “You got that right. Which is why I killed him.”
            “Ewan shook his head. “You are insane.”
            Jon just nodded. And they finished their meal in silence. The one thing about the other monsters was that they could sit in silence and not feel the need to fill it. Oh they were social creatures just like humans, it was just that the things that would bother a human, silence, awkward conversations, taboo subjects, they didn’t bother monsters. They got over that in there centuries long lives. When they finished they said their good byes and went to do their own business. The Undead life was good.
            At the end of the week he saw that Richard had dropped his guard. He smirked. Time to drain him. The wrongness of Richard just kept grating on his nerves now that he could tell what it was about him that he hated. Jon followed Richard from the bank to where the bar. Jon smirked. Jo would wipe the footage if there was any, either that or doctor it so well that the courts would never know; Jo was a succubus of many, many talents. So Jon sat at the end of the bar and waited.
            It was just after two and Richard was walking home when Jon grabbed him. He used his magic to immobilize him. He used it to drag Richard to the roods near the river. Once he had him tied down Jon transformed into his actual self at about a foot tall with razor sharp teeth. “You have been a naughty boy Richard. You killed an innocent. For that I will have to take your life and your life force.” Jon stated as he took in the fear in Richard’s eyes.
Richard knew he was going to die and as Jon’s fangs entered his neck he wished he could scream at the pain but he had been silenced.
            It took a few hours for Jon to drain Richard but soon every last drop was gone from his body. He used magic to cover the wound and then used the magic to put water in his lungs. He then rolled the body into the river. He smirked and used his magic to go to his taller height again. He dusted off his hands and took a deep breath as the life force of the forty over the month flowed through him and boosted his powers once more. He took another deep breath and then walked out of the woods whistling. Yep, his artificially began existence wasn’t so bad. If it wasn’t for the humans and the dependency that monsters had for them it would almost be perfect. Jon made his way home and sat down with a mug of blood cocoa and his favorite book. Another year until he had to begin again, but for now he could relax and enjoy his monstrous existence.

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