Day Twenty-Five Monster University: Bo

Monster University
Katherine Rochholz
All Rights Reserved

            “A lawyer. A law man. I never thought I would become this. But years ago, centuries really, when the monsters realized that they would have to be creative to exist in the normal world I was elected to become the go to for papers. I know how to forge things, though Sebastian helps a lot now a days as the number of monsters under our protection grows. After all I was an artist. I created many, many masterpieces, from music to paintings to fake papers. I was once the great artist Von Gogh at one time in my life! Okay so those ‘missing’ pieces are just new ones I created with my old paints. Money is money! I also was part of a one hit wonder band, also of a very popular band. I die very young all the time. And because I am just a bag of bones I make myself a new image each time! But sometimes I wonder if I am not more the parent than I am the lawyer with some of these monsters. I mean we all kill to survive. I am no different. After all human skin is quite a commodity. But at least I don’t have to keep going to school all the time. I just have to fix everything. And this time I don’t have my own persona besides being the lawyer in this town. No famous singer, no Darin is that this time, no famous artist, no famous writer, I am saddened by this; however, on the plus I get a peaceful twenty years at least and don’t have to die young this time.”
            Bo sighed as he looked at the papers he was creating for Frank; even if he had already had the meeting with him and Beth. Goddess help him but Beth could make him afraid of death and he was burned alive and left as nothing but a carcass that animals ate on leaving him as bones. Why would a monster want to raise a child?  He didn’t understand it; but he wasn’t meant to understand.  He was meant to make it happen.  He sipped his whiskey.  Hmm… Today was Friday.  Poker night.  He threw the papers into his desk drawer and grabbed his suit jacket, he would deal with this all another time. After all he would just forge dates if needed and nobody would be the wiser.
            He got to Jo’s and accepted the beer before he even went to toss his jacket up. “They back there yet Jo?”
            “Of course they are. Drinking and making noise. Keep them inline will ya Bo?”
            Bo laughed. “I will try but boys will be boys and it is poker night. The night most of us can be ourselves and not worry about make up or anything like that. Though Draco better be airbrushed the cheating ass.”
            Jo laughed and handed him a tray of beers. “Be a doll and take these back with you!”
            “I am a lawyer not a waiter!” He laughed, but took the tray and went into the back. “I have beers here!” He looked at the tray and lifted an eyebrow. “And a daiquiri?”
            “Mother is coming. Something about showing us men how to play a real game of poker.” Frank grunted as he took the daiquiri and beer.”
            “And where is the newest Frankenstein?”
            “She is with Jo. That way she is close by.” Lucas answered. “Should we go check her?”
            “Good Lord man you are more of a mother hen than I am! And I am her dad!” Frank laughed and handed Lucas a beer. “You know Jo won’t let a damn thing happen to Sophie. After all if she dead she better hope my mother gets ahold of her before you or I.” He growled at the thought. “Maybe we should go check her. Jo is friends with that bitch of a voodoo priestess.”
            Lucas smirked. “And now who is the mother hen?”
            Frank glared. “I will be right back. Bo, thanks again man.” He clapped Bo on the shoulder. “You know you can hang your skin up over there.” He pointed to the locker with Bo’s name on it.
            Bo nodded his thanks and moved over and slipped first out of his suit and then his meat suit. He chuckled at that. Meat suit. He looked it over there were a few spots that were weak. It was time to upgrade a bit. He could write it off as plastic surgery. After all Beth was one of the best in the country right now. He smirked. He wondered what look he should go for? He knew Beth and Frank would help him install the new skin. He would talk with them about it during the game. He walked back, his bones making a jangling noise as he walked. He sat down with a sigh. It was good to not have to be in that meat suit. “So what is the game of the night?” He asked.
            Beth came in then with Frank following behind her, Frank kept looking back. “Oh, Frank she is fine. And the game of the night is Texas Hold’em. Time to buy in boys.” She smiled as she took her drink and sat down. “Because I am going to show you how to play the game.”
            Bo laughed as everybody looked weary. But Draco, he just looked pissed. “What is up your ass Draco?”
            “I don’t want to be in my makeup.” He pouted.
            “Well you shouldn’t get caught cheating and then you wouldn’t have to be in your make up or a sheet.” Bo stated as he took the deck of cards. “Now stop pouting and act like the centuries old monster that you are and play the damn game.”
            Draco pouted for a bit longer until he was given his two cards and he sat up. He would show them he could win without cheating, then maybe next time he could be himself. “Call.” He threw in the chips.
            Bo was buzzed. “I need a new meat suit. Close to the last one. What do you think Beth? Frank?”
            “Shouldn’t be a problem. It would even be close enough I think that it would look like some mild middle age crisis work done.” Beth stated as she threw her cards down. “We would want to go to a big city to get a basic meat suit and then extra skin to patch and build you new suit.”
            Frank grunted as he threw his cards down hard. “We could fake an accident for you, that way people wouldn’t be shocked with a new look. Then you can write a book about your journey back with self-esteem. I know you miss having some type of creative outline. Then that non-fiction book out you can move into fiction.” Frank stated as he was glaring at his best friend who had been handing his ass to him all night. “Lucas I find out you are cheating…” He growled, leaving the threat hang in the air. Lucas just gave a wolfish grin and scooped up his chips.
            Beth shook her head. “That is a good idea Frankie!” She kissed her son’s cheek. “Let’s do it that way!”
            Bo thought about it, it would mean bandages, and a cover story for a couple months, but they were right and for Frank to figure out why he was depressed made him feel warm in his bones; it really did mean they cared for him like a family. “Yes that is good idea! We will go get the skin we need and then we will fake the crash.” He looked at his new cards. He groaned, he was really getting his ass handed to him tonight with these cards.
            Jo came in at about four in the morning. “You guys ever going home?”
            Most of the people had passed out or started to stagger out at this point. Bo stood. “Yeah, Frankie and Beth and I were just cleaning up.”
            Jo raised an eyebrow. Seriously Bo needed to make a move on Beth. And she knew Beth was waiting for him to do so. “Okay, here is the little monster princess.” She handed Frank his daughter.
            Frank nodded. “Thanks Jo. For a friend of that witch, you are okay.” He stated as he paid his tab with a generous tip and some extra for watching his daughter.
            “Well, you know me. Happy to help. And Kat can even annoy me at times so I understand. See you and Beth next time.” She stated.
            Beth nodded and smiled at Bo. “See you soon Bo.”
            Bo nodded. “See ya.” He waved them out.
            Jo waited until they were gone. She slapped him over the head. “When are you going to get off your fool ass and make a move on Beth? She is waiting on you.” She slapped him again.
            Bo looked out the door where Beth was getting in her car. “Really?”
            “I swear for a man who is older than most of us you have no clue when a woman is in love you with you. Now you make a move when you and her do what you both have to do, and I will make something up with Frank so you two have some alone time doing it.”
            Bo nodded. “Thanks Jo.”
            “Don’t mention it. Now go on and get.” Jo showed him from  her bar.
            Bo gave a smile and grabbed his suits and made his way home.
            Three weeks later Bo and Beth drove out to one of the larger cities around them. They had hunted down the people they wanted and carefully skinned them, leaving no traces that could lead back to them. On the way back Bo crashed his car right outside the city and a quick ride to the hospital the story was spread that Bo had been in a crash and was badly burned.
            Beth smiled as she worked on the suit. Jo had needed the boys’ help at the bar tonight so Frank wasn’t helping. But Beth was okay with that. She liked Bo. Liked him a lot. And wished he would make a move. She did the last stich and helped him into the new meat suit. Once it was on she checked for where some patches needed to be. After a full night and day of work she was done. She smiled. “There good as new.” She stated.
            Bo smiled as he looked in the mirror. “Very nice Beth. Very nice.” He then turned and grabbed her and kissed her. “Let me take you to dinner to show you how much I appreciate this… and you.” He kissed her again.
            Beth smiled and hid the blush rising to her cheeks. “I would love that Bo.” She stated. “But first I have to gauze you up.” She wrapped his face and hands in gauze. “You can take me out in a few days. For now you have to be a good patient and stay in the burn unit.”
            Bo sighed. “As you wish. But we are going to that new fancy Italian place.”
            Beth smiled and gave him a soft kiss. “As you wish as well Bo, as long as I am going with you.”
            Bo smiled and gave her another kiss. This undead life was finally looking up. He was going to be a writer again and now he had one of the best gals on his arm. Yeah, they were killers but one did what they must to exist in this world of monsters.

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