Day Eighteen Monster University: Gabriel And John

Gabriel And John
Monster University
Katherine Rochholz
All Rights Reserved 

            “I have long since been accustomed to being two people.  WE ARE NOT TWO PEOPLE! WE WERE BORN ONE!  Edward, we were split.  HENRY, IT WAS UNNATURAL! WE ARE ONE! We were conjoined Edward, then when we split so I could marry you killed me in a blind rage.  I COULDN’T BE DISCONNECTED FROM YOU! AND THE GUILT CONSUMED ME! SO I CONSUMED YOU TO MAKE YOU PART OF ME ONCE MORE!  And that lead to this immortal life Edward.  We can only get by most of the time as normal because I am dominant most of the time.   YOU ARE OLDER.  MAKES SENSE.  YOU ARE MY BROTHER. Yes, I am aware. Yes we are brothers, together forever.  YOU TAKE CARE OF ME; I PROTECT YOU.  KILL THREATS TO US.  Yes, Edward.”
            “Look, I really wouldn’t make me angry.”  Gabriel said to the football player poking him the chest.
            “Oh please, you will do my paper, I will get an A, I will play football, and you won’t die.”
            Gabriel barely got out a sigh before John took over.  John smirked.  “You think so little man?”  The football player’s eyes widened as John filled out and stood taller.  Moments later there was a bleeding lump of former football player on the ground.  John bounced off.  It had been so long since he wreaked any havoc and chaos!
            ‘So long my ass. You just tried to come out when another football player tried to beat us up.’
            ‘YES, WELL YOU WOULDN’T LET ME.’
            ‘For good reasons John!’
            Gabriel sighed. ‘Good John. Good. Try not to wreak to much havoc.’
            John smiled and stopped outside of the boxing ring. “Let’s get some fun in!”  He went into the gym. “The first person to bring me down wins a thousand dollars!” John yelled.
            The builders of the gym all smirked and slammed their firsts into their palms. “Let’s go little boy!”
            Two hours later John was whistling as he wiped the blood off his knuckles. “Who are the little boys now?” He smirked as he took all the money in the place and bounced out.
            ‘Did you have to rob the place?’
            ‘OF COURSE! THEY LOST! I WON!’ John laughed as he walked down the street. He was having a good time. It wasn’t often he got free. He stopped when he heard a giggle. He swung around. “Who are you?”
            The young woman smiled. “My name is Maria.”
            “Why were you giggling Maria?”
            “Well, I was giggling at something my inner self stated.”
            “Inner self? You mean like a sister?”
            Maria laughed. “Yeah, she is my older sister. Killed her I did about five years ago. Then I ate her.  She disconnected us. She cut us up just for love!”
            John smiled. “My brother did the same! Now he is always in control until he gets angry enough and I can be free!”
            “Me too!” Maria laughed.
            “Want to go get into some trouble?”
            Maria smiled. “I would love too!”
            ‘You may just get love after all John.’ Gabriel whispered to him.
            John ignored his brother in favor of stealing a car and joyriding to another town. He drove the car right into a bank. “Come on Maria!” He grabbed her hand and pulled her from the wreckage.
            Maria laughed and bounced over to the vault. “I got some explosives.”
            John instead flexed his muscles. “Let me show you what I can do!” John placed his hands on each side of the vault doors and gripped them bending the metal and then pulled ripping the door off. “Well take your fill!”
            Maria grabbed a bag and started to fill the back with money as John broke open the safety deposit boxes and dumped them in another bag.  When the sirens came close John grabbed her and ran up to the roof and jumped over to the other building. He laughed as Maria moved to hang off his back. He never had such fun! Except when he went on a killing spree!
            The next morning Gabriel woke up with a moan as his body protested all the use of the muscles last night. He sat up and looked down at the woman next to him. “Hello.”
            The woman woke. “Hi. I am Anna.”
            “Nice to meet you Anna. My brother seems quite taken with your sister Maria. We hadn’t meet another set like us before.”
            “Yes, well everything works out for the best doesn’t it?”
            “It does.” Gabriel smiled. “Well I got to get ready for classes. And you?”
            “I go to school to. Majoring in Psychology.” Anna laughed.
            Gabriel smiled at her laugh. “Would you like to go to dinner tonight?”
            “I would love that.” Anna smiled. “See you then.” She gave Gabriel a kiss and grabbed her clothes and left.
            That night Gabriel found Anna waiting for him at his house. “Let me grab something and I will be back out.”
            Anna smiled. “Of course. I realized I didn’t give you my address or phone number when I left today.”
            “Oh I am sure I could have found you.”
            Gabriel ignored him in favor of grabbing the flowers he bought earlier and taking them to Anna. “I got you these.”
            Anna smiled and gave a thank you as she got into the car. “Where are we going?”
            “We aren’t going to do anything as crazy as drive three towns over and rob a bank; but I think you might have some fun.” Gabriel smiled as he drove to the next town to go to an exhibit.
            Anna got out of the car, her eyes wide at the exhibit he had gotten tickets for. “How did you get tickets to this?”
            “I have my connections.” Gabriel stated as he took her hand.
            “This is an interactive exhibit of the psychology of serial killers.”
            “I thought you would like it with your major and our inner workings. I find it fascinating. If you don’t we can go somewhere else.”
            “NO! I love it! Thank you!” Anna stated as she started to go to each booth about each of the most prolific serial killers.
            Gabriel smiled as he watched her go space to space. “This was John and I.” He pointed to a set of conjoined twins about killing fifty men in one night because of an insult.”
            “‘And they hunted them down and ripped the spines from their chests before bathing in their blood.’ A little gross on the bathing there Gabriel.”
            “Yes well they did insult John.” Gabriel shrugged. He could be just as ruthless as his brother. Even if his brother was more blood thirsty.
            “And you like the good brother protected him.”
            “Well John talked me into the bathing. I wanted to make their spines the whips to strangle them to death. They never talk about that as much as bathing and drinking the blood. This was right before we had that surgery three towns over to separate.”
            “Why did you do it?”
            “My fiancé wanted it done. I agreed because she threatened to have John killed. We were mortal once.”
            “Well I am glad John killed her. And well, I am glad for this too.”
            Gabriel smiled. “Let’s go do something fun.” He smirked as he grabbed her hand and speed off towards a higher populated town. He got out and took her hand. “You don’t mind a bit of blood right?”
            “What did you have in mind?”
            “Well you see I happen to know some very bad people live in that prison there. And well I need a new whip.”
            Anna laughed as she let him lead her into breaking into the prison. “We could get in trouble!”
            “Nah! We have our contacts Anna. Just let go!” 
            Anna was standing in the middle of the unit that Gabriel had broken into and was watching Gabriel rip the spines out and then use it to spray the blood all around them. Anna was never more happy than she was to be able to be a monster. Though sophisticated in the public light this was the true her. She smiled as the blood ran down her face.
            Gabriel looked over and smile at her. There was blood everywhere. They were bathed in it. And looking into her eyes he saw both Anna and Maria and within that his own eyes showing both himself and John. And within those reflections he found peace and a since of belonging. Everything works out for the best. And sometimes… just sometimes… Gabriel learned that John can be right about some things…

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