Day Eleven Monser University: Sam

Monster University
Katherine Rochholz
All Rights Reserved

    “Freedom.  Freedom is such a wonderful thing.  I used to take it for granted in my mortal life.  Free to do whatever I want whenever I want.  That is what caused me to become what I am.  I am a Zombie.  I used to be a slave to Marie Leveau.  I gained my freedom however.  I don’t know how to this day I gained my freedom; but she set me free!  Well almost killing her as I fought off the control ingredients added to my Dead Man’s Blood probably played a role. I traveled for a good long while; eventually settling in the towns the Monsters live for a couple decades.  When I lived as a mortal I was a solider; I never wanted to settle. But I had fallen into bed with Marie and it is today my biggest regret I gave up my mortal life for a moment of passion. But moving back here I can let my other side show, the side that isn’t a hardened warrior. I open a game shop and comic book store called Den of Insanity.  I also sell old geeky collectibles.  It is a good life.  Well Undead Life…”
    Sam looked up as the door opened. A new student. Cute. Wondered if she was smart. He loved the smart ones. Brains…All he thought about now. Though she was good looking as well. Maybe he could have some fun with this meal if she proved to be… stimulating… “Hello! Welcome to The Den of Insanity!” Sam gave a closed lip smile.  His teeth he was still working on after all being free he had to gain his own fortune and Marie, now Kat, never cared about her zombies but how they could please her. “May I help you today?”
    “I am looking for those special leather horror comics!” She bubbled.
    Sam lifted an eyebrow.  He went to the back room and smirked.  His victims were good for something other than food. He used their skin to make leather and then wrote in their blood to create these special horror comics. They were quite expensive but people seemed to enjoy them. One could only buy them from either The Den or from people who have bought them in the past. Even the stories of the comics being haunted hadn’t stopped their popularity! Of course they were haunted, they were the blood and bodies of of his victims. The organs were used for the stitchings, the bones he ground down to mix with the blood to create his ink. He didn’t believe in waste. A human was much like a pig. One can use anything but the squeal. He smirked at that thought. He grabbed one of his newest and brought it out to his customer. “Here we are the newest one! And the best thing about them is they are all one-shots!” Sam gave the same closed mouth smile.
    “Wow! I was worried I would have to hunt down the others!” She smiled
    “Nope. Since they are handmade and only made by myself it would be illogical to make them anything but one-shots.”
    “Well you could have and had a bidding war!” She laughed.
    “Sam.” Sam held out his hand.
    “Roslyn.” She smiled.
    “Pleased to meet you Roslyn. Anything else but the comic?”
    “No! That is all I can afford right now.” She smiled.
    “Well the cost is 300.” Sam stated taking her credit card which gave him her address and phone number.
    “Yeah but so worth it!” Roslyn smiled as she took her purchase which came in a bloody wooden box.
    Sam smiled and gave her her card and receipt. “Well enjoy! The next one comes out next week!” He smiled. He knew he would be reselling that book in just a couple of weeks. He first had to woo the girl into trusting him; the perhaps a bit of fun until he ate her brains and made her into the comic after next.
    She smiled and bounced out with her prize and a wave back towards him.
    Sam made it a point to bump into her often around town. The coffee shop. The book store. The grocery store. He would smile. He would chat with her. He would draw her in. Soon he was meeting her for coffee. Then dinner. Then he would take her to the bar. The world saw them as a new couple in the honeymoon phase.
    Roslyn smiled as she laid her head on Sam’s chest. “I love you.”
    Sam tensed. That he wasn’t expecting. Sex. Comics. Geeky conventions. Coffee. That he expected. Not ‘I love yous’ and this warmth filling his chest. After all she had seen his teeth. She had seen his scars. His flaws. And she still said that to him. It made him wonder if she would accept a monster life. He could get another brain. So many people came through his shops. He wondered if maybe he should tell her. If she accepted him change her. Grant her immortality. If she didn’t she could still become his next meal and comic. Even if his gut tightened at the thought of actually killing her. He could change her. He had a different method to change her than Marie and even different than James. He looked at Roslyn. “I got something to tell you…” He then spilled everything. His time in World War, his human life, falling for Marie, time as Marie’s slave, fighting the magic and almost killing Marie, and then his freedom and his travels. Then settling down and staying in one place. His having to eat a brain a month and what he does with the bodies. He then looked at her and waited for the screaming. What he didn’t expect was the excitement in her eyes.
    “That is so cool! Zombies and monsters are real! They are real! Like Dracula and Frankenstein and Wolfman are all real! But my fave is zombies! And you are real! Can I be a zombie? How does one become a zombie? I mean you have bit me in the heat of the moment and I am still human! How does this work? Can I be a zombie without being a slave first? Can only voodoo priests and priestesses create zombies? How often do you have to eat brains? Does it have to be a specific brain?”
    And the questions went on and on and Sam’s head spun. She was accepting him? She wanted to be a zombie? “You would give up a mortal life. Give up children. You can live a relatively normal life and even adopt but you would live forever as a monster.”
    Roslyn smiled. “Eternity with you sounds amazing! We can even have a Halloween wedding as zombies! It is all the rage!”
    Sam blinked. “Well it would involve me biting you then you biting me and drinking a bit of my blood. Yeah sounds like vampire type but I just have to bite you. Vampires have to drain you to almost the point of death and then feed you about a pint of their blood. You then are buried for three days before you raise as a vampire. For zombies it is just a twenty four hour fever and you must feed on a brain within three hours of awakening. After that it is twice a month for the first year and then once a month for the rest of eternity.”
    Roslyn looked excited!  “Yes! Turn me! We can be zombies together and I am getting my MBA and we can expand your shop and your comics! You can just create the comics while I run the store! And we can adopt in about a hundred years! Yes!”
    Sam was blown away. He didn’t say anything but he pulled her close and bit down on her neck. “Bite me. Bite me and break the skin.”  He moaned as he felt her bite down. “That is it. Drink. Drink my zombie.”  Soon he stopped her and her eyes rolled back into her head and the fever started to rage war against her body. Sam got up and dressed. He had twenty four hours to find not only his brain but a couple for Roslyn. He had never changed someone before but he knew others that had; and it was better to go with two versus one in the beginning. Better to overfeed than underfeed. He left activating the high security gates and locks on his room so nobody would go in and either be hurt by her or hurt her. He started his car and blinked as he pulled away. He gained a bride. He never thought that would happen. Not when he was living not when he was a slave and especially not after he gained his freedom.  He shook his head to clear his thoughts. He had to find three sacrifices and quickly.
    It didn’t take him long to find a bar outside of the college town that didn’t ID students and he had four into his van with very little struggle and no evidence. He went back to his store and left them sedated until he would harvest the brains for Roslyn. He killed his right away and ate the brain then processed the body. That took him about seven hours. He then slept for about four.
    Sam putted around his shop until about an half hour before she would wake. He didn’t want to see her body in pain. He quickly killed the kids and harvested the brains; leaving the bodies to drain into his ink bins. He would come back with Rosie to show her how to process the waste. He had a bride to feed.
    Roslyn arched her back as her heart stuttered to a stop. She sat up with a start and her eyes were wild.
    Sam saw this and held out a brain. It was dripping with blood and freshly removed. “Rosie. Take this Rosie!”
    Roslyn took the brain and stuffed it into her face. She chomped it down and made a slurping sound. She looked up at him. “More Sam?”
    Sam smiled and handed her the second brain he had gotten for her. “Here you are lovely.”  He smiled.  After he feed her the third brain. “Good?”
    Roslyn smiled. “Good. I still feel like me but I don’t feel my heart anymore.”
    “Yep; that would be different. Come on I can teach you how to process the skin, blood, bones and organs for our comics.”
    Roslyn smiled. “After a shower?”
    “Of course my dear. Of course.”  He kissed her bloody lips. “Perhaps in the interest of saving time we shall shower together?”  He smiled.
    Roslyn smiled and pulled him down for a bloody kiss. “Why what a brilliant idea my soldier boy!”
    Sam kissed her again as he dragged her to the bathroom. His undead life already looking better than his living life even if he spent decades as a mindless zombie slave. But now he had a bride as monstrous as he was and loved it.

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