Truth and Past Past and Present Excerpt

Truth and Lies Past and Present
Katy Lily Year 1
All Rights Reserved

Chapter Six: A Friend

The next three days passed in a blur- she played with Starlight, shopped with Sandra, read the school books or even sneak into the kitchen when Professor MacCathmhaoil and Antonio were in deep discussion about their new potion. Katy was had the time of her life and never wanted it to end. But before she knew it, it was the morning of the second and she was to go off to school.

Sandra had helped her pack the night before, still the morning was hectic, but even so the smiles never left their faces. By the time they teleported to the airport Katy had to try everything she could to not jump up and down with the excitement. She was dressed in her new uniform and cloak and carried her book bag full of everything she needed.

“Now Katy Lily you have to sit still on the plane, be polite and try not to spend all your money on the treats. Antonio used to have a problem with that, and would be out of money by the end of the first term. Your money is in your bag as is everything else. Now you don’t have to carry everything with you everywhere, but carry your money and only what you need for classes daily. Now when you land follow Antonio or Antonio Sr. one of them will show all the first years to your dorms. Now Starlight will be in the pet area of the plane, Antonio already took her back. She will be waiting for you in your dorm room. Just be yourself and everybody will love you like we do. And don’t show off that is rude, there are only ten new Fire children this year, it is a small group there are normally fifteen to twenty new Fires, but Antonio Sr. told me that there are seventy five earths this year were there is normally fifty, so everything evens out.”

“Sandra, come on, I can’t sit everybody until they are in line, and you will see Katy Lily in eleven short weeks.” Professor MacCathmhaoil stated, as he took Katy’s hand. “Come on Katy Lily.”

“Wait!” Sandra called and grabbed Katy and hugged her. “See you in March, behave and be safe.”

Katy hugged her back. “Thank you so much.” Katy said as she buried her head to hide the tears in her eyes.

“Come on now Katy Lily, before you know it you will be back home.” Professor MacCathmhaoil stated and again took Katy’s hand. They walked to the boarding center; Katy looked around and saw about sixty kids. Katy tensed, now worried that they wouldn’t like her. “Don’t worry, Katy Lily, as Sandra said, just be you and those who are meant to come into your life will, those who are not, well they won’t. Now go stand over there in that first line, those are the other first years.” Professor MacCathmhaoil pointed to the first line of kids.

Katy let go of Professor MacCathmhaoil’s hand and walked over to the line. She stood at the end of the line behind a boy with bright blond hair. He talked to his parents, his mother had black hair and was tall and slender, she had a timeless beauty about her, and the father was tall and as blonde as the son. He was very tall with the strangest colored eyes she had ever seen, they were bright neon orange, and he had scar that went down from the top of his forehead across his eye ending in a curve to his lips, they said their goodbyes. Katy tried not to listen as they said their goodbyes, but the boy was a little loud.

“Mom I am fine! Look! See all the other kids don’t have their parents hanging on them, look! See she is even by herself!” He said as he pointed to Katy.

“Fine, we are going now stay out of trouble, and I expect to see high grades on your report card in March.” The mother said as she hugged her son, she then took her husband’s hand and walked away.

The boy turned around to face Katy. “Hi, my name is Gaivan Hepburn.” He stated as he held out his hand.

Katy took and shook his hand. Katy took his appearance in, it was really too perfect, he looked like a child model with his square face, almond shaped green eyes, straight perfect nose, and perfect ruby red lips. “My name is Katherine Fitz but everybody calls me Katy.”

“Nice to meet you Katy! Looks like just ten of us this year. My dad is Fire and my mom is Spirit. My older brother is Fire too, but he is a sixth year so he gets to teleport to the town outside of the school, and then he takes the carriages up. They don’t let anybody teleport into the school, but man wait until we can do it! Do you have any siblings? What are your parents?” Gaivan seemed to be as excited as Katy, but he couldn’t hide it as well as she could.

“I was told my mom was Earth. My friend Antonio told me. She died three years ago. He also told me that my father is an Air.”

“Wow! You are rare! It is almost always Fire children who grow up to have Fire children! Do you not live with your dad?”

“No, I don’t know who he even is; I have been staying with Professor MacCathmhaoil and his family.” Katy had questions about her father, but each time she mentioned her dad the MacCathmhaoils’ smiles died and were replaced with a face of distaste.

“Wow.” He had a shocked look on his face. “Oh look we are boarding hope to see you on the plane!”

“You too!” With that Gaivan faced forward and then started to move forward to begin to board the plane.

Katy got up to the doors of the plane, and saw Antonio and Professor MacCathmhaoil and waved. Antonio walked forward after all ten of the first years were standing around them.

“Okay first years this way please I will show you to your seats. The plane was much larger on the inside then it appeared on the outside. He led them to a group of sets that were separated by curtains, near the front of the plane. And sat them in groups of two within the five sections, each section had two cushy chairs and a table each. He sat Katy with Gaivan close to the front. “Okay, behave; we will be patrolling the plane at regular intervals. This is an eight hour flight, and we will land at about six just in time for the first dinner of the school year.” With that Antonio walked back though the curtains.

Katy looked around and saw that there were three other girls and six boys in the first year Fire group.

“I can’t wait for the treat cart to come!” Gaivan said.

“Does it have things like at Kandi’s Sweets?” Katy was happy that she had someone her age to speak too, and for once she felt like she could have friends.

“Yep, good stuff, I have to limit my pocket money though, after all this has to last most of the year, as I don’t get any more spending money until my birthday which is August 14th by the way.” Gaivan said with a smile. “When is yours?”

“December 20th.”

“Oh… you just had your birthday! What did you get?”

“Umm…” Katy thought about how to answer this, she had never gotten anything for a birthday before, except a doll if the shelter had one, even when her mother was alive there wasn’t any money to get anything. Katy thought about it for a moment and decided that honesty would be the best route to go. “I didn’t get anything until the 29th I lived alone on the streets of New York. But that is okay, on the 29th I found out I was a witch and went shopping and got all my school supplies. I even have a kitten now, called Starlight, and I found out I am going to take all these cool classes. And I got a topaz necklace, and the best part besides Antonio’s family was my kitten choosing me and getting my wand and staff!” Katy was so excited that she talked a lot more then she should have, maybe.

“Wow! Man that sucks about having to live on the streets, but at least you don’t have to anymore. I got my wand and staff on my birthday, but I couldn’t hang on to it until a few days ago. I got my crystal as well, but in ring form, it is a blood agate, very cool, it is called the Fire stone. And I love my Cedar wand and staff! They are both a dark brown color with black tips in the shape of a flame. See!” He said as he pulled his wand out of his bag. “What are yours?”

“I have a black Holly wand with a blood red tip, and I have a white Yew staff with a blood red tip.” Katy said quite proudly as she pulled her Holly wand out of her bag, she wanted to show off her wand as well.

“Wow! What classes are you taking? I am taking History, Spells, Potions, Creatures, Teleportation, Thaumaturgy, Telepathy, Languages, Healing, Symbols, Transfiguration, Magical Defense, Pyrokinesis, Herbology, Arts, Elements, Divination, Necromancy, Archeology, and Astronomy. I hope to be a Guardian one day.” Gaivan said proudly.

Katy didn’t know what Guardians were but they sounded important. “I am taking almost the same as you, except where you have Symbols I have Martial Arts, and where you have Arts I have Mythology. What are Guardians?”

“I forgot you haven’t lived in this world, they are like our police officers, and they catch dark witches and warlocks. My dad is one; my mom is a medicine woman for creatures. Like a veterinarian, but magical.”

“Cool!” Katy had heard of so many different careers, but she didn’t know what she would to do after school, did she need to know?

“Most people don’t know what they want to be until at least their fifth year, because we get to choose what classes to drop at the end of the year. My brother wants to be a medicine man, so he is taking Healing, Potions, Languages, Spells, Magical Defense, Herbology, Pyrokinesis, Elements, Creatures, and Alchemy. I would have taken Divination over Alchemy though, or Thaumaturgy. Alchemy is all about power for oneself I feel.”

“Wow! Sandra is a medicine woman, she took some days off to stay with me the last couple of days, and she said she was glad to have some time off, as the hospital is always busy with one thing or another. She told me about this guy whose wife cursed him or something and he came in with tentacles all over his head and eyes on his feet.”

“Whoa… I would have loved to see that!”

The conversation stayed mostly on classes, and the strange things Sandra had told her about the last couple of days. They didn’t break until the treat cart came. Gaivan was very fond of the sugar wands and bought bunches of those, Katy, however, only bought one sugar wand and a jumbo bag of animal gummies, she found out that if she tapped them with her wand first they will act like the animal for a bit. There were gummies running all across the table when Professor MacCathmhaoil walked up.

“Ah, I see you got more gummies Katy. Hello Gaivan, how are you doing?”

“Great Professor, are we almost there yet it seems we have been sitting still for hours!”

“Almost another couple of hours, then we will land. I will make an announcement before we land so everybody can get out their warlocks’ and witches’ hats. Small lot of you this year, but that is okay the Fire house has always been small. Only 161 total this year! Earth is up there though 535 this year, 75 first years. 215 for Spirit, 376 for Water, and 427 for Air, so 1714 students at school this year, plus some graduates training under masters, thankfully we got a few new professors as well. Well, off to check the second years. Goodbye.” With that Professor MacCathmhaoil left their section.

Somehow Katy knew that the information that Professor MacCathmhaoil gave them was for her benefit. “Wow so many! How many schools are there?” Katy asked Gaivan.

Gaivan swallowed the gummy he was eating then he answered. “Well there are seven major magical schools, one per continent, ours is the largest, followed by Europe. The smallest is Antarctica, only like 150 kids total. The other schools aren’t really like ours though, except maybe Asia, the others get summers off and go a full nine months only. My brother did an exchange program his fourth year. I might do one but not until after my fifth. My brother was studying for weeks trying to make up what he needed to know for his exams when he came back. Of course there are smaller schools, mostly for parents who don’t want their kids far from home, or some parents home school.”

“Wow, you can really take classes at other schools?” Katy was fascinated by the idea of learning from other witches and warlocks, but it sounded like a lot of basic stuff is missed when you do an exchange program. She would have to find out more.

“Yeah, it is nice and all, but with all the exams we have to take at the end of the year it is really hard when they don’t teach as much at other magical schools, except maybe Asia but I don’t really want to go to Asia they even have classes on Fridays!”

“Do we ever get to meet people from other schools? Do they come here?”

“Almost never, I hear there is an exchange student from Europe in the fifth years Earth class.”

“Do you think the classes are going to be super hard?”

“My brother says the first term is kind of boring, lots of papers, no real practice, have to get the rules down first, but he didn’t take the same classes I am, he said his favorite was Alchemy, but that class seems really boring, he always had his nose in a book. Speaking of books have you looked at some of ours? I haven’t I figure there is time enough for that in school.”

“Yeah I looked though a few of them but I only have had mine for a couple of days, they seem really neat to me, I was reading in our transfiguration class about the laws governing turning non-living objects into living objects and vice versa, it was quite interesting.”

“Yeah, yeah, hey we should make the lion gummy try to eat the gazelle gummy. Here you tap the lion” Gaivan said as he handed her the lion gummy; as he took the gazelle gummy “and I will tap the gazelle.” There was a huge smile on his face and he tapped the gummy.

Katy sat down the lion gummy and did the same, and the lion chased after the gazelle, but they never left the table. They laughed, and had a great time, as they made all the animals run around, always chased by a bear or lion or even a tyrannosaurus-rex! When the announcement was made they would land in ten minutes and to make sure they were in uniform.

Gaivan opened his bag and pulled out his warlock’s hat, and then tapped the gummies he had brought to life, and swept them into his bag.

Katy pulled out her witch’s hat, stopped her gummies, and then put them back in the baggie they came in, and put them in her bag. She placed her hat on her head and looked around and smiled. “This is really real isn’t it?”

“Yep, man, I hope we don’t have to go to our dorms first, I am starving!” Gaivan stated as he chewed on a sugar wand.

“Well, we do have our bags, but we should be able to sit them on the floor next to us until after dinner right? Didn’t your brother tell you how it works?”

“No, I really don’t want to go to the dorms first because we have to listen to the rules of the dorm when we do, I would rather be stuffed with foody goodness.” Gaivan said as they stood up. The plane had just landed and an announcement came over the intercom that advised them to line up.

“Well, won’t we be tired after supper and not want to listen?” Katy sure thought so, but Gaivan looked at her like she was crazy.

“Well, maybe, but normally we have classes after dinner, but today had been a little hectic. But nah, I think after dinner would be better.” Gaivan said with a smile.

Antonio came up to the first year quarters. “Okay first years follow me, we are going to the dorms first and showing you where you will be sleeping, then we will go down to dinner.” With that Antonio started to walk and all of the first years followed after him.

Katy heard Gaivan sigh, but ignored it so she could look at everything she could lay her eyes on, she was fascinated, the old stone walls, the large wooden doors, the towers to the right and left. The one to the right shot straight into the air and looked like a flame; the one to the left did the same except it looked more like a set of mountains. How nobody knew about this place she did not know. They walked up to a center tower which was much wider than the others, and walked in.

“Now this is the main building, the school, dining hall, everything like that is here in this tower. Now please first years follow me.” Antonio walked to the right then turned right again. They walked up to a large Hawthorne door. Antonio tapped his wand to it, and ushered the first years in to the dorm. “Now only those with Fire wands can get in, you just tap your wand to the door and it will allow you in. Now the boys are upstairs on the top floor to the right and the girls to the left. Go put your bag on your bed, you can unpack later. Your pets have already been brought up.”

Katy and Gaivan walked up the stairs to the top floor, and then divided when they got to the top. Katy walked into her dorm room, followed by the other three girls. The place was huge with four large canopy beds, but the posts were shaped like flames, and they stretched to the middle where a Salamander statue sat. The bed spread was a blood red, and the curtains a deep dark orange. There was a night stand to one side and a dresser to the other, there were four large desks at the end of each bed. Each with a chair, which again looked to be standing on flames, with a Salamander craved into it. Each dresser, stand, desk, chair, and bed, looked to be made of the same wood each of their wands were made in. Katy’s was black with red, the person next to hers was deep brown and white, and the others had white with brown, and brown with black. Katy wanted to continue to look around, when Starlight ran up to her. Katy dropped her bag on her bed and picked up her kitten. Starlight’s bed was next to Katy’s and her basket on top of Katy’s dresser. The litter box was nowhere to be seen, but Antonio said they took care of things like that. But her food dish and milk bowl were by Katy’s desk. Katy took a moment to dig into her bag and grab Starlight a treat. Katy gave her a hug and set her down on her bed, gave her the treat and then turned to walk back down to Antonio. But before she could do more then take a couple of steps she was stopped by the other three girls as they blocked her way.

“Hello, I am Christina Lee” said the girl in the middle she was tall for the age of nine, and one could tell she had Asian ancestry, she had blonde hair though, and green eyes. “These are my friends Rae Rhoades and Kay Fredricks. We grew up together, you are an outsider. You can do as you wish of course, but leave us alone.” With that she flipped her hair and walked out the door followed by the other two girls.

Katy walked down stairs and there was Gaivan jumping up and down. “Katy, Katy! Did you see them? The beds, are they not the coolest? The desk the chair the dresser, all of mine are made of Cedar and look like my wand. Isn’t that the coolest?”

“Yes, mine too, but mine is made of Holly. The other girls don’t seem to like me though.” She told Gaivan everything that was said and how they acted.

“Yeah Lee’s family thinks they are so much better, they are super rich, and of course don’t have a single non-magical person in their family line. Most do of course if we didn’t we would be as inbred as the English.” Gaivan said with a laugh. “Don’t worry about them they are not too bright. They will just act stuck up and will not to talk to anybody they believe are beneath them, they will act like royalty but never do anything but strut around the school.”

Just then Antonio raised his voice, “Okay, kids settle down, we are going to go down to dinner, now we all sit together as a house. Your house is your family, anyone here will help you if you need it, they will be there for you, and they will treat you like family. Now follow me first years.”

Again Katy walked down with her class, down the stone walls, but this time when they got to the main hallway they went straight. Katy kept trying to take everything and looked out the windows. On the left side there was a tower shaped in spirals that shot up in the air. On the right there was a large lake, but there was a stairwell that went below the lake. And straight ahead there was another tower shaped like a large infinity sign that was covered in bright jewels. Katy was fascinated and excited about her new life. Just down the hall there was a large room which is where Antonio ushered them into.

“This is the dining hall. As you see there are five sections. Fire, over this way please.” They turned left and then left again into the section in the southeast corner. There were many tables, each with different number of chairs. “This is your table; it will always be your table. Please sit down. The headmaster will say a few words, and then the feast will begin.” Antonio left them and went and sat at the table in the center of the room, where, Katy could see his father and what seemed like the rest of the professors, were seated.

Gaivan grabbed Katy’s hand and pulled her to the round table and sat near the corner. “This is so cool. We can see everybody from here Katy!” Gaivan said as they sat down.

Katy could see what he was talking about they could really see everybody, in fact there was a man who just stood up, he had a long black beard, and long black hair, both neatly breaded. His eyes were almost black; he looked older than the rest of them but young enough to be still called middle aged. Katy thought he looked familiar, and as if her thoughts about him had caught his attention he looked directly at her, looked into her eyes for a moment, his eyes seemed to widen for a moment but before Katy could be sure, he turned away and cleared his voice, before he started to speak.

“Welcome first years! Welcome back to another year, for the rest of you! Just a few announcements, remember that while the apprentices are not professors, they still deserve your respect, they can also give detentions and take away privileges from your house. Note again there is a size limit to the pets you bring to school with you, if it does not fit on the planes that come to town then it is not allowed at the school, please keep them at home. Again a reminder please do not stake your vampire professors, unless of course they are attacking you which I assure you will never happen while I am in charge here. Now First years your house leader or their apprentice will read you the rules when you go back tonight. And classes start tomorrow, please follow your schedules, and first years if you get lost don’t be afraid to ask. How? Just tap your schedule with your wand and say “Show me the way.” Now everybody please enjoy your feast! And welcome again!” With that the man sat down, and piles of food appeared on all the tables.

Gaivan did not stop to ponder the words like Katy did, so when she looked at him his plate was already full of food. Katy smiled grabbed a couple of chicken legs and mashed potatoes, and filled a bowl of strawberries.

“Katy do you think they will have a lot of choices at breakfast?” Gaivan asked.

“I don’t know; you would know more than I would. But this is really the best.” Katy said as she reached for more strawberries, finally she felt at home and secure that her new life was not a dream.

They continued the rest of their meal in silence, and when it was over, Antonio came over and led them back up to the dorms. They stood around him while he listed off some rules. “Now you must be back in your dorm by midnight every night, even on the weekends and holidays if you are staying at the school. You must respect other students; you must share the common room, no loud music, no turning their desks into animals, or making their homework disappear, etc. You break the rules you will get detention. Now you can do what you want for the rest of the night, but remember you have classes early in the morning.” With that Antonio left the dorm.

Gaivan and Katy looked at each other, and then Gaivan grabbed Katy’s hand. “Come on I want to show you my dorm!” They ran up the stairs and turned to the right. They walked into Gaivan’s dorm and it was exactly like the girls dorm but there were six beds, so it was a little larger. Gaivan dragged her to his section. “Look! See just like my wand!”

“So cool!” Katy couldn’t agree more, she was about to say something when a small tiny brownish monkey jumped on her shoulder, which caused Katy to jump. “Umm… is this your monkey?”

Gaivan looked over smiled, then grabbed the monkey. “He really isn’t a monkey he is a marmoset, his name is Monkey though.” He said as he placed his marmoset on the bed and tossed it a treat. “He won’t get much bigger than this he is eight inches.” Gaivan said proudly.

“He is cool! You should come and see my kitten Starlight. Come on!” Katy grabbed his hand and dragged him across the hall. Once in the room she dropped his hand ran to her bed and grabbed Starlight and held her out to Gaivan.

“Man! She is black, she is so small. Did you say she choose you?” Gaivan sat down on Katy’s bed and held onto Starlight.

Katy sat down as well. “Yep, jumped right on to the table and told me her name was Starlight and I was hers. Antonio called her a familiar.”

“Wow you are lucky! My mom has a familiar! Hers is an owl though. Always helping her, and bringing her things.”

“Well I am sure Starlight will help both of us in school.” Katy said with a smile. Katy jumped up and grabbed her bag. “Man we have to unpack still. I wish I could leave everything in my bag, but that would look strange digging through everything, looking for a quill and a jar of ink.” Katy said as she took out her boxes with her uniforms in it. She took each box and emptied it to her dresser. Then she took out her parchment, quills and ink bottles out and placed them on her desk. Then her books, and all her other supplies, and soon her bag was empty. Gaivan stayed on her bed and just laid there lazily as he watched Katy organize her things and he petted Starlight as he chewed on yet another sugar wand.

“Hey do you think you could help me unpack, I am not very good with the whole, neat thing but you seem to be a little anal about having everything just so.” He said with a smile as Katy straightened everything to look neat and even. She had never had her own space before and she wanted everything to be perfect.

“Sure, I am going to put the stuff I need for classes in my bag first though.” She said as she grabbed her books for her first day of classes, as well as her gloves for potions and creatures and her potions set, and the items she needed for potions, such as her cauldron. She also put in a martial arts uniform. “Okay, I am done.” She said as she placed in a stack of parchment, a few quills, and a couple of ink bottles and, of course, her staff in her bag. “I can’t wait to learn how to do all this with magic!”

“Great!” Gaivan said and jumped, he placed Starlight on the bed. “You can help me now!” He said with a laugh, as they left Katy’s room, the other girls hadn’t come up yet.

When they reentered Gaivan’s room all the other boys were up there unpacking. They all turned to look at her when she came in. She walked over to Gaivan’s bed, and started to help him unpack, soon everything was as neat and ready to go as her own things.

“Man, Katy you are a life saver, I would have just thrown everything around and lost it.” Gaivan said as he collapsed on the bed. Just then the other boys walked over. Katy kept her eye on them.

“Hi” said one whose eyes were a hazel, and had light brown hair that hung to his shoulders. “My name is Oscar Wright.” For just a moment Katy thought his eyes had flashed red, but when she blinked and looked again they were back to hazel again, and she pushed the thought out of her mind, she thought it must have just been the light.

Katy shook his hand. “Hi, I am Katy Fitz.”

“Hi Katy, I am Russell Kelly, this is Rory O’Hara, Riordon Flynn, and Randall Sommer. We are all cousins.” They looked it, they all had ginger hair with blue eyes, round faces and freckles across their noses.

She shook each person’s hand as she was introduced. “It is nice to meet you all.” Katy said with a smile.

The one who was introduced as Rory spoke up “Gaivan says that your parents weren’t Fire is that true?”

“And that you lived on the streets?” Asked Riordon.

“Umm…” Katy looked at them they had smiles on their faces and seemed truly interested. “Yeah, my mom was Earth, she passed away three years ago, and my dad is Air but I don’t know who he is, and yeah I lived on the streets.”

“Wicked cool!” Said Russell, “Well, not about living on the street, but about your parents not being Fire.”

“My mom is Water and so is my sister, but my dad and I are Fire.” Said Randall “Of course my sister is a traitor, she dates an Air, Fires and Airs don’t get along, since you don’t know your father you are cool.”

“Oh, Antonio told me Airs and Fires don’t like each other.” Katy said as she sat down on the edge of Gaivan’s bed. “Why?”

“Don’t really know, just never got along.” Said Gaivan as he chewed on yet another sugar wand, “It is just like Earth and Water don’t get along, nobody really knows. But Earth and Water relationships are okay; their hate is not as bad as Fire and Air. There is a myth, or a story mind you, that happened a really long time ago, like over one hundred thousand years ago, when non magical people were just really forming, that an Air Prince betrayed a Fire Princess and there has been heated feelings between the two elements since. Of course they say it will end once something major happens. Once the ‘chosen one’ comes and destroys an evil that shall destroy not only our world but the world of the non-magical humans as well.” Gaivan said, he even did in the air quotation marks when he said chosen one.

“Wow.” Katy really couldn’t say much everything was so new to her; and a lot was being thrown at her. She was worried about her classes more than ever now, even more then after she talked to Gaivan on the plane, and if the classes were a lot to take in, how would she deal with her classes and how would she find her place in this new world, let alone the fact that now she had to deal an ancient hatred against her ancestors. She didn’t know them, her family, but it felt wrong to flat out hate them. When she turned her mind back around to the boys, they were talking about something else, she thought she heard Eleball. “What are you talking about?”

“Eleball. It is our sport. It is short for Elemental Ball, but we call it Eleball. It is the world’s best game. It is kind of like football, but we fly as well as run the ball and can use magic to stop the other players, or we can physically tackle them. But we can’t use magic to move the ball. The field is two miles long and three miles wide. You keep possession of the ball until you score or it is intercepted. There are eleven people on each team. The ball is round and made of the elements, the element in control changes with each person who touches it. Makes it very hard to steal so you have to be very good, mostly it is fifth years and up on the teams in school. There are ten games a year; each house plays the others once.”

“Wow! When is the first game?” Kay was suddenly as excited as the boys.

“Well, there is one in March, then the following three terms there is three a month. Of course the best team professionally is the Freedom Warriors. That is the North American team. There is one team per continent just like the schools. See, here is a book about them, you can borrow it, I would have rather a hat, instead of a book, but mom is all about education.” Gaivan said as he rolled his eyes, and handed Katy the book, it was titled Freedom Warriors and Their History.

“Thanks!” Katy made a mental note to read it that weekend. Katy looked around for a clock but couldn’t find one. “What time is it?” She asked, as she made a mental note to buy a watch.

“Oh,” Gaivan looked down at his watch “11:30. Man, we better get ready for bed.”

“Yep,” Katy said as she stood up. She said good bye to the boys then went across the way to her own dorm, the other girls were not back yet, so she dropped the book Gaivan handed her on her desk and went to get ready for bed. When she came back from her shower a half hour later, the other girls were already in bed. She climbed in and fell asleep.

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