A Long Way Home

Random WIP:
A Long Way Home
All Rights Reserved

Join Catriona on her journey home.

Long ago when I was 16 I founded a society. It started out as a group of people who just needed a safe place to hang. I and my boyfriend, the love of my life, were the leaders. First thing I ever noticed about him was his movie star blue eyes. A-Lister Blue I called them. We were in love and we created a safe haven. It was a place for the misfits and geniuses. Then I ran. I didn’t take the house back. I didn’t stop the funds going to the Safe Haven. I just ran. Why? Because I was afraid. I was terrified. I was going to get married. At such a young age. I ended up traveling and living paycheck to paycheck in dead end jobs. But as time went on I wanted to go back home. Would I make it? Or would the long road ahead prevent me from finding my happiness once more?

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